Trojan T105 6v Deep Cycle Battery

Trojan T105 6v Deep Cycle Battery

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When you're looking for batteries for your electric vehicle, you need to consider a reliable and durable battery from a name you can trust. That is why we are proud stockists of Trojan's deep-cycle battery range, which come in a variety of voltages depending on your personal needs. These include the Trojan T105 6v Deep Cycle Battery which has been specially engineered for many of today's low-speed electric vehicles. 

Based in the USA, Trojan has been building specialist deep-cycle batteries for many years, using proven deep-cycle technologies to meet the needs of anybody owning a low-speed electric vehicle. So, if you are considering buying something from our electric vehicle range or if you have already purchased a vehicle from us, you should consider Trojan's signature line of batteries to power up your transport. 

Golf carts and electric vehicle manufacturers are constantly integrating new technological advancements that require powerful battery technology. Using the finest materials, enhanced technical developments, and advanced robotics in their manufacturing processes, Trojan's battery range are perfectly suited to power up the latest vehicles that are hitting the market today. 

Using their advanced battery technology, Trojan produce world-leading batteries that have a long life cycle, and that have maximum sustained performance. 

Impressive Results

The combined elements of a Trojan T105 battery can yield impressive results. These include:

Increased total energy and sustained performance thanks to Trojan's proprietary paste.

An extended battery life thanks to the unique separator that protects against battery stratification.

Increased durability and a reliable performance caused by the plastic polymer case that provides higher battery cell compression.

Maximum battery safety through the use of powerful flame arrestors.

Consistent battery quality thanks to the manufacturing excellence of Trojan's experienced engineers. 

Other benefits of the Trojan T105 6v Deep Cycle Battery include: 

A lengthy running time. On average, you can expect your deep cycle batteries to last for around 20 hours before you need to recharge them.

Around 1200 life cycles.

Lower electricity costs.

A continuous output of power.

Trojan's batteries are also 99% recyclable, so not only will you save money on electricity costs when purchasing the Trojan T105, but you will be doing your bit to protect the environment you live in too.

Here at All Electric Vehicles, we proudly stock Trojan's T105 batteries. They are the best quality batteries currently available, and are a must-buy when you're looking for something that will serve the needs of your low-speed electric vehicle for a long period of time. Thanks to their durability and reliability, there will be little need to replace them often, as you are guaranteed reliable and lasting results. 

Due to their size and weight, we cannot ship the Trojan T105 batteries interstate, but they are available for local pickup and delivery. Contact us to learn more about our shipping options. 

Check out our specification guide if you would like to know more about the Trojan T105 battery, and get in touch with us if you would like further information on the range of batteries we have in stock. 

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