Marshell E4-LSV Golf Cart

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The Marshell BOSS E4-LSV comes from the world’s largest manufacturer of low-speed electric vehicles, and it lives up to its name. With its classic styling, the four-seat BOSS E4-LSV carries a driver, three passengers and plenty of golf equipment through the course in style and comfort. As a neighborhood street vehicle or industrial utility cart, it can reduce a driver’s or business owner’s carbon footprint and reduce energy costs while carrying customers, patrons or supplies to their destinations quickly and efficiently.

Drive Like a Boss on the Course

Like all Marshell vehicles, the BOSS E4-LSV is affordably priced and loaded with all of the essential features that you need in a golf cart plus a few bonuses. Operating the vehicle produces no emissions, so it helps the air stay cleaner. The BOSS is quiet, so it won’t produce noise pollution or disturb the people around you. With its bold, chunky style and durable construction, it can handle whatever comes its way while keeping you and your passengers safe.

Power, Speed and Reliable Performance

Marshell’s BOSS E4-LSV features a powerful electric motor, a Delta-Q on-board charger and an advanced Curtis controller to optimize battery management and acceleration. The vehicle can reach a top speed of 40 kmh and covers a range of up to 80 kilometers on a single battery charge. It climbs a 30-percent grade with ease, and it has plenty of room for your golf equipment, groceries and more.

Marshell BOSS E4 LSV Comfort, Convenience and Safety Features

The BOSS E4 comes with great standard features to keep you and your passengers safe and comfortable; these include padded bench seats, seat belts, rain covers and a glass windscreen with a driver’s windscreen wiper to improve road visibility. It also has two lockable storage compartments to keep your valuables safe while you’re focusing on your game. Bonus features include alloy wheels, an on-board charger and a twin detachable golf bag holder.

Be a BOSS at Work and in the Streets

The BOSS is a versatile LSV that’s ideal for a number of personal and commercial applications. It makes a great supply cart or security vehicle. Maintenance workers can use it to resolve urgent problems efficiently. You can even use it to transport small groups of people throughout a resort, hotel or theme park setting. Whether you drive it on the golf course, around the neighborhood or through an industrial complex, Marshell’s BOSS E4-LSV will give you the consistent performance that you expect from a top-quality LSV.

Only one new orange Marshell BOSS E4-LSV carts is in stock and available for immediate delivery. Your purchase includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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