Hummer HXT Limo Electric Golf Car

Hummer HXT Limo

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Our Hummer HXT Limo gives you the opportunity to own a brand of great distinction that provides both indulgent luxury and all of the benefits of an environmentally responsible electric vehicle. It's a stunning topless tribute to the classic Hummer line of personal recreational vehicles. The HXT Limo model comes complete with Hummer's signature louver grill and sill plates, custom wheels, floor mats and a host of premium features that are considered optional for most similar models in its class. These include fully adjustable heated front seats, lockable rear and front storage, inner wheel arches, driver and passenger sun visors and a shark fin aerial. If you have many friends to impress, the four-seat model can seat six with the addition of a rear seat package upgrade. The HXT Limo's doors are removable to provide more freedom of movement during frequent stops.

Luxury Styling Meets Mechanical Excellence

The HXT Limo matches its authenticity and elite styling with the quality you expect from Marshell. It conforms to stringent European and American standards and offers exceptional mechanical design and performance. The standard model has adaptive four-wheel hydraulic brakes, a lightweight steel chassis, a comprehensive LED digital dash display and advanced electronic components. Marshell's Hummer HXT Limo also features an efficient AC brushless motor that provides impressive torque at any speed. The vehicle's adjustable A-frame front and semi-independent rear suspension ensure a comfortable ride.

HXT Limo Safety Features

The Hummer HXT Limo is crafted with safety and reliable performance in mind. Its adaptive braking system gives its driver better control on the road. Both driver and passenger seats are fitted with three-point approved seat belts for personal safety. Headlights, side lights, turn signals, reverse lights and fog lights use reliable LED technology. To optimize safety for pedestrians, a buzzer is sounded whenever the vehicle is put into reverse, and the steering wheel is fitted with a horn.

HXT Limo Performance and Handling

The HXT Limo can reach a maximum speed of 35 km per hour. Its climbing capacity is 20 percent, so you can feel secure when approaching moderate inclines. Its braking distance and turning radius are both less than 6.5 meters, which provides good control in a variety of driving situations. A single battery charge will power the vehicle for a distance of 80 to 100 kilometres. The Hummer HXT Limo's maximum noise level is only 75dbA, so it won't be a nuisance in quiet environments. Its sturdy frame can accommodate loads weighing up to 450kg.

Hummer HXT Limo Optional Features

The Hummer HXT Limo's standard model offers a wide array of features, but owners can make it their own by adding optional features and accessories such as the high torque hill climb upgrade, lithium battery system, Pioneer CD and radio system, Hummer chrome or matte black wheels, canvas roof enclosure, rear grab handles, custom paint, custom leather seats, double rear seat package, rear retractable seat belts, tow ball and dual golf bag holder.

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