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If you love the prestige and utility associated with the Hummer brand, but you also long for the efficiency and eco-friendly nature of a personal electric vehicle, Marshell's Hummer HXT can fulfill your dream. The HXT is the topless counterpart to the Hummer HX; both are proportionally accurate, licensed resort vehicles that bring the style and quality of the famous Hummer into the world of green transportation. Throughout this vehicle's design, you'll find authentic details such as the signature Hummer louver grille, custom wheels, seats and even floor mats. From its door hinges to its injection molded LED lights, the Hummer HXT delivers the style and aesthetics of its famous namesake in a new and exciting form.

Built to Eclipse Its Competition

The HXT offers far more than elite style and authentic details. It's built to the highest standards in the market and easily meets demanding U.S. and European requirements. The base model includes many features you would expect to be optional on most vehicles of its kind. These include adjustable hydraulic rear drum and front disc brakes, Hummer branded sill plates, lockable front and rear trunk storage, driver and passenger sun visors, rear-mount for golf bags or rear seat package, adjustable suspension, heated seats, shark fin aerial, a lockable glove box, inner wheel arches, LED turn signals and a slide-out drink holder.

HXT Safety Features

Marshell's Hummer HXT is crafted with safety and reliable performance in mind. Both its driver and passenger seats are equipped with three-point approved seat belts. Its side lights, high and low beam lights, turn signals, brake lights, rear fog lights and reverse lights use advanced LED technology. A safety buzzer is sounded when the vehicle goes into reverse, and the steering wheel is fitted with a horn. The HXT's adaptive brake system ensures impressive stopping power and optimal driver control.

HTX Performance and Handling

With the Hummer HXT's great handling and its maximum speed of 45 km per hour, you can get to your destination quickly. It has a climbing capacity of 30 percent, a braking distance of less than 6.5 meters and a turning radius of less than 5 meters, giving you excellent control in a variety of environments. A single charge will cover a distance of 80 to 100 kilometres. The vehicle's maximum noise level is only 75dbA, so it won't drown out your conversation or make a scene on a serene golf course. Its sturdy body offers a generous 300kg loading capacity. Its topless design and removable doors allow you to enjoy more freedom and make frequent stops easier.

Optional Features

The HXT standard model has an exceptional array of features, but to make the vehicle truly unique, choose to add a few of its many optional features. Premium options include the following: solar panel roof system, leather interior, colour-coded bumpers, waterproof sound system, DVD upgrade, tow ball, canvas roof cover, full-chrome wheels, lithium battery system, custom graphics package and 10-metre charge lead.

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