Marshell DG-LSV4 Golf Cart

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The Marshell DG-LSV4 is designed to help you live a more sustainable, environmentally friendly existence while providing great performance on the golf course and the streets. If you're looking for an SLV or neighborhood electric cart to help you reduce fuel costs while providing reliable transportation, this sleek, attractive cart may be your perfect solution. 

Marshell DG-LSV4 Basics

The Marshell DG-LSV4 is a roomy, comfortable four-passenger vehicle that looks as great as it performs. Built for more than just driving around a golf course, the DG-LSV4 sports an automotive-grade windshield, a single wiper for improving your view in wet weather and wheels that resemble those on traditional cars. The mirrors and lights on the vehicle meet all qualifications for street-legal use. The extra seats make it possible for lone drivers to carry groceries or other items easily.

Marshell DG-LSV4 Performance

The DG-LSV4 provides great performance as a golf cart and as a street vehicle. It features a 48-volt DC motor and a Curtis controller, which allow it to reach a top speed of 35 kmh. Its maximum range is 60 kilometers, and it is capable of climbing hills at grades of 20 percent or lower.

Marshell DG-LSV4 Drive Experience

The DG-LSV4 model allows you to customize the vehicle to fit your course. It has a smart steering system that provides smooth and predictable backward and forward motion. Reliable brakes and great climbing ability allow you to easily park the cart on a hill when necessary. Its smooth and comfortable ride makes practical use on the course and casual neighborhood trips more enjoyable for drivers and passengers.

Marshell DG-LSV4 Optional Features

Optional features include convenient full-enclosure weather curtains, 10-inch alloy rims and tires, split windshield and rear and side view mirrors and a Caddycooler. Various color options are also available.

Marshell DG-LSV4 Overall Value

Although it carries a slightly higher price tag than some simpler Marshell models, the DG-LSV4 is extremely versatile and offers a wide range of potential uses. For golfers, casual drivers who value a sporty look and anyone who wants to live a greener lifestyle, it is worth the investment.


Seating Capacity: 4 people
Maximum Speed : 35 Km/h
Range: 60 Km
Climbing Capacity: 20%
Braking Range: 6 m
Turning Radius: 5 m
Load Capacity: 400 Kg


Power Source: 48V DC
Motor: DC 48V 4KW
Horsepower: 3.3 kW rated
Controller: Curtis 48V 400A
Charger: 48V 18A
Battery: 6 x 8V 170Ah
Rear Axle Ratio: 10.25:1


Steering: Rack & pinion
Brakes: Rear mechanical drum
Tires: 205/50 R10
Ground Clearance: 9 cm
L x W x H: 324 x 123 x 183 cm
Gross Weight: 740 kg
Detachable golf bag bracket


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