Marshell DG-LSV2+2 Golf Cart

  • $11,999

  • text_tax $10,908



Marshell is quickly gaining traction with individuals and businesses concerned with their respective carbon footprints by providing affordable yet powerful electric vehicles, such as the DG-LSV2+2. 

Sleek, Comfortable Design

While Marshell promises competitive prices, premium quality and attentive service, the company also places an emphasis on attractive and comfortable design, and the DG-LSV2+2 is a prime example. This car is inspired by minimalism, and its sleek lines, rounded edges and automotive windshield give it an impressive, futuristic appearance.

Powerful Electric Motor

The DG-LSV2+2 is much more than a pretty package. This two-person LSV is one of the highest performing vehicles in its class. The 48-volt motor is fully electric, so it produces zero emissions and nearly no noise. Coupled with a powerful Curtis controller, the DG-LSV2 can reach speeds of up to 40 kmh, and its range on a single charge is an impressive 80 kilometers. In addition, it can carry up to 600 kilograms and climb 30 percent grades.

Array of Features and Options

If features are important, the DG-LSV2+2 will not disappoint. Its comfortable ride is enhanced by a padded bench seat with individual contours and hydraulic shock absorbers. The windscreen includes a driver-side wiper blade, and the canopy protects passengers from the sun and rain.

Personalization of the DG-LSV2+2 is made possible by a choice of colors and accessories. Rear and side mirrors complete the street-legal package, and a split windshield adds an extra dimension. Although the sides of the standard model are open, fitted doors provide additional protection from the elements and lend the LSV an appearance, not unlike that of a traditional car. Standard equipment includes seat belts, CD Player with MP3 Auxillary jack and stereo speakers, clear rain-covers and golf bag holders. The DGLSV-2+2 comes with rear facing seats and a removable dual golf bag holder.

Personal or Commercial Vehicle

The versatility of the Marshell DG-LSV2+2 allows it to be used for an assortment of purposes. This LSV is a sensible, earth-friendly choice for a personal vehicle that can be driven in golf-cart communities and many city streets, or it can be reserved exclusively for use on the golf course. The long list of commercial applications includes entertainment venues, film studios, warehouses, worksites, hotels and resorts.


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