• Marshell DG-C6 Electric Golf Cart

Marshell DG-C6 Golf Cart

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The full range of vehicles from Marshell includes stretch shuttles that are suitable for any application that requires groups of people to be transported from one area to another whether it is outdoors or inside large buildings. The DG-C6 can match any shuttle in its class at a fraction of the cost of other brands. The best part, however, is that customers and guests will feel like royalty and be left with a positive impression of the establishment.

Improve Customer Relations

The Marshell DG-C6 is a surefire way to improve customer relations in businesses that require an efficient transportation solution. As an electric vehicle, this shuttle shows them that you care about the environment, and it also benefits from an attractive appearance while providing a smooth, comfortable ride and a satisfying experience. The body of the shuttle is incredibly durable, and the sleek curves are enhanced by a high-gloss finish in a choice of colors.

Superior Efficiency and Performance

Efficiency and performance are two categories in which the DG-C6 earns its keep. In addition to producing zero harmful emissions and the stench that goes along with them, the fully electric motor is quiet and has enough power to reach a maximum speed of 24 kmh. The six 8-volt batteries can power the vehicle for up to 70 kilometers before they need to be recharged, and the Delta-Q charging system imported from Canada is one of the best on the market.

Optional Accessories

With an assortment of optional accessories, the DG-C6 can be customized to fit nearly any purpose or taste. Golf-bag attachments and regenerative braking come standard, but the available upgrades include 10-inch alloy rims, rear and side mirrors, a beverage cooler and a split windshield. In addition, the shuttle can be converted into the eight-person DG-C6+2 configuration by complementing the three forward-facing bench seats with a rear-facing bench in the back.

One Shuttle, Many Purposes

The DG-C6 is designed to be suitable for the widest possible assortment of applications. It is perfect for resorts, hotels and hospitality establishments, but it can also be used in housing complexes, amusement parks, zoos, school campuses, sports stadiums and exhibition grounds. In addition, the DG-C6 can serve a variety of institutions or be used at trade shows or for special promotions.

Product Specifications

  • Regenerative Braking: Yes
  • Climbing Capacity: 20%
  • Seating Capacity: 6 passengers (8 with rear facing seat option)
  • Maximum Speed: 24 Km/h
  • Travelling Range: 60-70 Km
  • Braking Distance: 5 m
  • Turning Radius: 6 m
  • Carrying Capacity: 640 Kg
  • Power Source: 48V DC
  • Motor: DC 48V 4KW (5KW AC Optional)
  • Horsepower: 3.3 kW rated
  • Controller: Curtis DC 48V 400A Programmable (Made in USA)
  • Charger: Delta-Q 48V 18A On-Board Charger (Made in Canada)
  • Battery: 6 x 8V 170Ah Trojan or 8 x 6V (Made in USA)
  • Rear Axle Ratio: 12.49:1
  • Steering: Rack & Pinion
  • Brakes: Rear mechanical drum
  • Tyres: 18 x 8.50-8, 4-ply
  • Ground Clearance: 10 cm
  • Dimensions (cm): L 382 x W 120 x H 190
  • Gross Weight: 700 kg
  • Warranty: Three Years
  • Options & Accessories: Golf bag bracket, Rear Tray, Rear Seats, Rear Seats folding to tray, full enclosure, weather curtain, split windshield, alloy wheels, caddy cooler, rear and side mirrors


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