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All Electric Vehicles are Australian distributors for Marshell, the largest manufacturer of electric golf carts in the world. Choose from a range of two, four, six and eight seat brand new golf carts for sale available in a selection of colours. If you're looking for the best value for money and the latest technology, you can't go past our range of new golf carts and low-speed electric vehicles. All vehicles are fitted with the finest components from around the world, like Trojan Batteries, Delta-Q Chargers, and Curtis Controllers. Assembled in Australia, all of our electric golf carts are backed by a three-year warranty. Suitable for resorts, theme parks, stadiums, shopping centres, airports and of course, golf courses, you won't find better value anywhere in the market. All vehicles can be custom built to your requirements and come with your choice of AC or DC Motors. We're sure we can supply the right electric cart for your needs.

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BOSS Elminator Golf Cart

Manufactured by one of the top names in electric vehicle technology, the BOSS Eliminator low-sp..

$9,999 Ex Tax: $9,090

BOSS Terminator Golf Cart Utility

Designed in Europe to provide the ultimate level of performance on and off the road, the all new 201..

$10,999 Ex Tax: $9,999

Marshell DG-LSV2+2 Golf Cart

Marshell is quickly gaining traction with individuals and businesses concerned with their respective..

$9,999 Ex Tax: $9,090

Marshell DG-LSV4 Golf Cart

The Marshell DG-LSV4 is designed to help you live a more sustainable, environmentally friendly exist..

$9,999 Ex Tax: $9,090

Marshell DN-4D Classic Resort Car

Add fun and excitement when transporting your friends or guests in this replica classic electric mus..

$9,999 Ex Tax: $9,090

Marshell DG-C2 Electric Golf Cart

If you're seeking a simple, efficient golf cart for driving around the course or the neighborhood, y..

$6,499 Ex Tax: $5,908

Marshell DG-C2+2 Golf Cart

When it comes to golf carts, Marshell is the new kid on the block, but that certainly says nothing a..

$10,499 Ex Tax: $9,545

Marshell DG-C4 Golf Cart

For anyone requiring a golf cart that seats more than two passengers, Marshell produces a four-seate..

$11,999 Ex Tax: $10,908

Marshell DG-C6 Golf Cart

The full range of vehicles from Marshell includes stretch shuttles that are suitable for any applica..

$12,999 Ex Tax: $11,817

Marshell DH-C2 Electric Utility Cart

An ideal replacement for large, gas-powered trucks, the Marshell DH-C2 utility cart provides a pract..

$9,999 Ex Tax: $9,090

Marshell DH-C4 Electric Utility Cart

What began as an upstart golf-cart manufacturer in 2002 is quickly making a name for itself as one o..

$12,999 Ex Tax: $11,817