BOSS DN-8D Electric Golf Vehicles

BOSS DN-8D Electric Resort Car

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BOSS was founded in 2018 to advance the state of electronics and electric vehicles in homes, commercial businesses and industrial firms, and the company has outdone itself by promoting low-speed vehicles (LSVs) for uses beyond golf courses. The BOSS N-8D is a prime example of how electric LSVs can be the focal point of a business or as a marketing promotion. This eight-seat Classic Series car will not only turn heads with its sharp appearance but also provide a comfortable ride on short trips and sightseeing tours.

Treat Guests With Class

Show your guests and customers that you have class and are happy to lend it to them during their brief stays at your establishment, whether it is a golf course, resort, sports club or public service. BOSS prefers to call the DN-8D an electric resort car, but there is no need to limit its uses for the sake of a title.

Years of research and development went into designing the body and inner workings of the DN-8D, and it is like no other electric shuttle that has come before it. The three forward-facing bench seats along with the rear-facing rumble seat in the back are comfortably padded, and the floor is strong, stable and able to support up to 640 kilograms.

Performance Matches Style

The BOSS DN-8D is about much more than style. It can match the performance of any shuttle in its class with a 48-volt DC motor and Curtis controller made in the United States that allow for a maximum speed of 25 kmh and the ability to climb hills with grades of up to 20 percent. In addition, the vehicle can be driven 55 kilometers before the U.S.-made batteries need to be recharged.

Efficient, Quiet Motor

One of the greatest benefits of driving the DN-8D is that it is fully electric. The motor is whisper quiet and requires no gasoline or other fossil fuels, which means it is incredibly affordable to operate and produces no harmful, polluting emissions. With each passing day, the general public is becoming increasingly concerned about the environment, and businesses and organizations that ignore this concern may find themselves by the wayside.

Optional Accessories

A wide selection of factory-direct optional accessories is available for customizing the DN-8D beyond its intelligent and powerful standard features. Weather curtains fully enclose the cabin in bad weather, a split windshield can replace the one-piece windshield and the wheels can be upgraded with 10-inch alloy rims.

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