Boss DVXF-3 Electric Fire Truck

BOSS DVXF-3 Electric Fire Truck

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BOSS has proven once again that its innovation cannot be matched as it releases speciality vehicles for every purpose, including emergency response. Among this lineup of state-of-the-art trucks is the DVXF-3, a two-seat electric fire engine ready for deployment in a wide range of settings, and it is especially useful in areas that conventional fire trucks cannot access.

Extinguish Fires Fast

With the DVXF-3 fire truck in your fleet, you have the ability to extinguish fires in hard-to-reach to areas or near crowds of people quickly and efficiently. Bossl’s electric fire truck has a small form factor, yet it includes everything required to put out small-to-midsize blazes. When you purchase this model, you receive a complete range of supplies to help fight all but the largest of fires. In addition to gloves, lap belts, fire helmets, respirators and a loudspeaker, this vehicle comes with a hammer, a spade, a fire hose, a fire-hydrant wrench and two dry-powder fire extinguishers.

Innovative Design

The innovative design of the DVXF-3 is unmistakably that of a modern fire engine but smaller. The cab seats two adults comfortably in the padded, ergonomic bench seat while the vented cargo compartment stores all of the gear needed for first responders. Optional bucket seats are also available, and for a small premium, emergency lights can be installed on top of the canopy to alert others that the truck is on urgent business.

Fully Electric and Eco-Friendly

Although the DVXF-3 has a red, high-gloss finish, it is the greenest fire truck in the world. It runs completely on battery power, so it emits no pollution and is very affordable because no expensive fossil fuels are ever required. The 48-volt DC motor and U.S.-made Curtis controller allow the truck to reach a maximum speed of 20 kmh, and it can travel up to 100 kilometres on a single charge, one of the longest ranges possible for a low-speed vehicle with lead-acid batteries.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

The DVXF-3 is perfect for most commercial and industrial applications. It can be used for in-house fire prevention in warehouses or other large industrial facilities, and its relatively small size allows it to be navigated through narrow paths inaccessible to traditional fire trucks. When it comes to commercial applications, the DVXF-3 proves incredibly useful in settings with large numbers of people and footpaths, including sports arenas, theme parks, parks and resorts.


  1. There are multi-functional, multi-purpose, appearance, ride comfort, driving smart features;
  2. Both sides of the open cockpit design to facilitate the operator to get off;
  3. The vehicle has a strong safety, comfort and manoeuvrability;
  4. Applicable to the streets, communities, factories, schools, places of scenic spots, such as fire, security patrols, law enforcement.

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