BOSS DU-M8 Electric Utility Cart

BOSS DU-M8 Electric Utility Cart

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Marshell opened its doors in 2002 with the goal of modifying how the world thinks about transportation. In this changing climate, people around the world are looking to reduce their impact on the environment, and they are choosing to do business with companies that feel the same. If you would like to show your customers and guests that you also care about the environment, a simple solution for going green is to use electric utility vehicles such as the Marshell DU-M8 for your transportation needs.

Versatility Meets Utility

By its very design, the DU-M8 may very well be Marshell’s most versatile vehicle. In addition to being able to seat five people in two rows of comfortable, ergonomic seating, it includes a sturdy cargo box made of stamped steel. The floor of this electric utility car features non-slip tread, and the corrosion-proof steel chassis can support a great deal of weight without affecting drivability. With a minimum turning radius of 6 meters, the DU-M8 can fit into tight spaces that would stop larger vehicles.

Powerful and Eco-Friendly

The drivetrain of the DU-M8 is powered by a high-performance 48-volt DC motor with 3.3 horsepower, and in turn, the motor is powered by eight 6-volt batteries made in the U.S. When coupled with the powerful 500-amp Curtis controller, this utility car can reach speeds of 25 kmh even while climbing grades of up to 20 percent.

Because the DU-M8 is fully electric, operating costs are only about one-quarter of the costs for traditional trucks. After 50 to 70 kilometers, all you have to do is plug the state-of-the-art charger into any standard electric outlet, and ongoing maintenance is a fraction of that needed by other trucks. In addition, the electric motor emits neither pollution nor excessive noise.

Packed With Features

The DU-M8 includes a full range of standard features, including headlights, 10-inch automotive tires, and complete controls for drivers. Mirrors can be added at an additional cost as can a full weather enclosure when the overhead canopy is not enough. Optional sunshades are also available.

Unlimited Applications

No matter your reasons for needing a utility vehicle, the DU-M8 will serve you well. Whether you need to haul heavy equipment or materials, perform landscaping or take care of maintenance in industrial settings, this is the vehicle for you. It is also suited exceptionally well to applications involving the general public, such as amusement parks, sports stadiums, zoos, campgrounds, museums and airports.

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