Electric Vehicles

Golf Carts aren't just for golf courses! Our unique range of specialised electric vehicles from Marshell and BOSS is suitable for parks and gardens maintenance, film and movie studios, resorts, hotels, marinas, gated communities, stadiums, shopping centres, theme parks, events, construction sites, or wherever you want to take them! Choose from a range of specialised electric utility carts, ambulance, fire, police, classic cars as well as food and beverage carts. Call us today to discuss your needs and allow us to tailor a package to your needs. Finance available to approved purchasers.

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Hummer HXT

If you love the prestige and utility associated with the Hummer brand, but you also long for the eff..

$29,990 Ex Tax: $27,264

Hummer HXT Limo

Our Hummer HXT Limo gives you the opportunity to own a brand of great distinction that provides both..

$34,990 Ex Tax: $31,809

Marshell DN-4/5 Electric Resort Car

While the basic golf buggies and low-speed vehicles (LSVs) from Marshell are impressive and provide ..

$15,499 Ex Tax: $14,090

Marshell DN-4D Classic Resort Car

Add fun and excitement when transporting your friends or guests in this replica classic electric mus..

$9,999 Ex Tax: $9,090

Marshell DN-6D Classic Resort Car

One of the primary reasons Marshell has begun to make waves among golf cart and low-speed vehicle (L..

$15,499 Ex Tax: $14,090

Marshell DN-8D Electric Resort Car

Marshell was founded in 2002 to advance the state of electronics and electric vehicles in homes, com..

$17,499 Ex Tax: $15,908

Marshell DN-8P Electric Police Response Vehicle

Marshell was founded on the prediction that everyone, including individuals, organizations, business..

$16,999 Ex Tax: $15,454

Marshell DT Series Electric Trucks

Marshell was first established in 2002 as a designer and manufacturer of some of the most reliable a..

$24,999 Ex Tax: $22,726

Marshell DVXF-3 Electric Fire Truck

Marshell, one of the leading manufacturers of low-speed vehicles (LSVs), electric golf carts and ele..

$17,999 Ex Tax: $16,363

BOSS DU-F4 Electric Food Service Cart

Among our most popular products is the electric utility cart because it meets a wide range of needs...

$16,999 Ex Tax: $15,454

BOSS DU-M8 Electric Utility Cart

Marshell opened its doors in 2002 with the goal of modifying how the world thinks about transportati..

$15,999 Ex Tax: $14,545

BOSS DU-N4 Electric Utility Cart

BOSS is quickly gaining recognition around the world for developing electric low-speed vehicles (LSV..

$15,999 Ex Tax: $14,545

BOSS DU-N8 Flatbed Electric Cart

Marshell is quickly expanding into every niche where reliable, affordable, eco-friendly transportati..

$16,999 Ex Tax: $15,454

Marshell DN-4P Electric Police Car

Marshell is the largest and most popular manufacturer of electric cars in China, and word of its cat..

$15,999 Ex Tax: $14,545

Marshell DVJH-2 Electric Ambulance Cart

Marshell is quickly gaining a name as the top manufacturer of affordable electric vehicles (EVs), an..

$12,498 Ex Tax: $11,362