Marshell DH-C4 Electric Utility Cart

  • $12,999

  • text_tax $11,817



What began as an upstart golf-cart manufacturer in 2002 is quickly making a name for itself as one of the most versatile designers of electric cars in the world. Marshell has recently added a new line of environmentally friendly hunting vehicles that are suitable for a wide variety of other off-road applications. The DH-C4 Series can comfortably transport four people and cargo on smooth pavement or over rough terrain.

Handsome and Rugged

The DH-C4 improves on Marshell’s innovative utility-vehicle design by combining durability and toughness with a handsome body that still fits nicely into upscale country clubs. This all-terrain hunting car has more power, higher capacity and stronger climbing ability than the average golf buggy, and it sports heavy-duty tires that can handle off-road conditions in addition to hydraulic shock absorbers for passenger comfort.

More Seats, More Excitement

The base DH-C4 includes two front-facing bench seats that each fit two adults comfortably. However, the total capacity can be expanded to six people with an optional rear-facing seat that also converts into a cargo rack. This is perfect for golf courses with several types of terrain or to transport large groups across fields or along unpaved trails for adventure and excitement or simply for efficient passage.

Options and Accessories

The DH-C4 is one of Marshell’s most customizable vehicles. The batteries are upgradable to Trojans, and the rear mechanical drum brakes can be bumped up to four-wheel hydraulic-disk brakes with or without regenerative braking. Many of the primary systems are imported from the U.S. and Canada, and a DC outlet for charging personal accessories is standard.

Hunting and Off-Road Driving

While the DH-C4 is officially designated as a hunting vehicle, its potential uses are nearly limitless. On golf courses, it is a step above the rest, and guests at resorts will be sincerely impressed. In fact, the DH-C4 makes a perfect shuttle for even the most important occasions, such as weddings, graduations and birthdays. A few of the other applications that are also suitable include sightseeing tours, theme parks, sports stadiums, music venues and festivals. Finally, it is perfect as a utility or maintenance vehicle in most industries.


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