Marshell DH-C2 Electric Utility Cart

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An ideal replacement for large, gas-powered trucks, the Marshell DH-C2 utility cart provides a practical and efficient way to transport materials, supplies and equipment. The small but solid utility task vehicle (UTV) is designed specifically for rough terrain; it handles jobs efficiently and affordably without the pollution, noise and high operating costs of traditional utility transport equipment.

Marshell DH-C2 Basics

The DH-C2 is a two-seat electric cart developed for outdoor applications, but it performs just as well in industrial settings. When it is not employed for landscaping and grounds maintenance on the green or as a low-speed street vehicle, the rugged DH-C2 can make deliveries between commercial buildings or facilitate maintenance tasks in a factory environment. Compared to similar products on the market such as E-Z-GO and Club Car, this reliable import from China treats your wallet gently. The DHC-2's body is remarkably simple and durable. It features heavy-duty, deep-grooved tires for optimal traction and a grill guard that also serves as a bumper to protect the cart, its cargo and its passengers.

Marshell DH-C2 Handling and Performance

The DH-C2's performance is comparable to significantly more expensive and popular vehicles in its class. Its 48-volt motor supplies enough power to tackle the most challenging jobs while the adjustable inductive accelerator ensures a smooth, consistent ride. Hydraulic shocks keep the vehicle's haul and its passengers safe and secure despite large bumps and difficult terrain.

Marshell DH-C2 Accessories and Optional Features

Standard DHC-2 models include lights, bumpers and baskets. Generous double front and rear mesh baskets enable the vehicle to transport up to 360 kilograms without affecting performance. An optional backseat can be installed to replace the rear basket if desired. Other optional accessories and features include weather enclosures, sound systems, Trojan batteries and police lights. To transform a basic DH-C2 into a versatile, street-legal vehicle, simply add the required safety belts and mirrors.

Marshell DH-C2 Overall Value

The functional and cost-effective Marshell DH-C2 is a solid contender in the world of electric UTVs. Whether you purchase it for private recreation or commercial use, it delivers consistent, driver-friendly efficiency and predictable, reliable performance.


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