BOSS DU-N8 Electric Flatbed Cart

BOSS DU-N8 Flatbed Electric Cart

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Marshell is quickly expanding into every niche where reliable, affordable, eco-friendly transportation is needed for individuals, businesses, government agencies and other organizations. The company currently has several product lines designed for specific purposes, and one of the most useful and versatile is the DU-N8 Electric Utility Car, which is frequently billed as a farm utility vehicle. This two-seat, flatbed truck is perfect for hauling cargo, transporting equipment and performing maintenance in industrial, commercial or even scholastic settings.

Benefits of an Electric Farm Vehicle

Purchasing a new electric utility vehicle such as the DU-N8 provides a number of benefits that simply cannot be experienced with traditional, petroleum-powered trucks. This UTV has all the power you need for farms, gardens, and landscaping. It can easily pull most mowers along with a driver and another passenger. Its maximum carrying capacity is high enough to haul soil, compost, bricks, stones and ancillary equipment, and it handles well on most types of terrain, especially with upgraded tires. The DU-N8 can reach a maximum speed of 25 kmh, and it can climb steep hills with a minimal loss of power. In addition, it has a short turning radius, so it can be driven through tight spaces inaccessible to other trucks.

Low Operating Costs

One of the greatest benefits of driving the DU-N8 is that it helps budgeting by saving money and time. The low initial price point is enough to sway many prospective buyers, but it also saves you money on operating costs. Every kilometer it is driven costs only pennies, which saves you up to 75 percent compared to petroleum-fueled cargo trucks. This UTV has a traveling range of 50 to 70 kilometers, after which all that is required is to plug the charger into any standard wall socket for a few hours.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Another benefit of the DU-N8 is that it is completely electric, which can earn you green points from eco-friendly accreditation agencies. If the vehicle will be seen by customers, clients or guests, they will appreciate that you are taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint as this is now a common prerequisite for many people in choosing which companies they will support. If you are running a farm or landscaping service, it is doubly important to present a positive image, and in this regard, the DU-N8 has got you covered because it creates zero pollution, does not rely on fossil fuels and produces no foul-smelling exhaust.

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