Electric Utility Carts

Electric Utility Carts

All Electric Vehicles is located on Queensland's Gold Coast. Our electric utility carts are the best in the market and tough enough to work around the clock. You'll see our vehicles at Paradise Country which is part of Movie World, and also at Couran Cove Resort. Ideal for housekeeping, resort maintenance, turf maintenance or wherever you require a reliable, electric utility vehicle. We also supply hunting carts and can customise any one of our vehicles to suit your individual requirements.  Our exclusive new range of 2017 models was designed in Europe and feature higher ground clearance, quality components, and redesigned suspension. Choose from tipping or fixed rear trays, rear seats, golf bag holders, two, four, and six seats configurations. All vehicles are backed by a three-year warranty and are built using the finest components from around the world.

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BOSS Terminator Utility

Designed in Europe to provide the ultimate level of performance on and off the road, the all-new 201..

$10,999 Ex Tax: $9,999

BOSS Ultimate Utility

The all-new ‘Ultimate’ is appropriately named, as it offers more than any other electric utility veh..

$13,999 Ex Tax: $12,726

Marshell DU-F4 Electric Utility Van

Marshell has been around for about 15 years, but the factory in Guangdong wasn’t established until 2..

$19,999 Ex Tax: $18,181

Marshell DU-M8 Electric Utility Cart

Marshell opened its doors in 2002 with the goal of modifying how the world thinks about transportati..

$17,999 Ex Tax: $16,363

Marshell DU-N4 Electric Mini Truck

Marshell is quickly gaining recognition around the world for developing electric low-speed vehicles ..

$16,999 Ex Tax: $15,454

Marshell DU-N8 Electric Utility Car

Marshell is quickly expanding into every niche where reliable, affordable, eco-friendly transportati..

$17,999 Ex Tax: $16,363

Marshell DH-C2 Electric Utility Cart

An ideal replacement for large, gas-powered trucks, the Marshell DH-C2 utility cart provides a pract..

$9,999 Ex Tax: $9,090

Marshell DH-C4 Electric Utility Cart

What began as an upstart golf-cart manufacturer in 2002 is quickly making a name for itself as one o..

$12,999 Ex Tax: $11,817