Shuttle Bus

Our range of low-emission electric sightseeing shuttles is the perfect choice for golf courses, resorts, theme parks, national parks, sightseeing spots, airports, zoos, and stadiums. Choose from eight, eleven, fourteen or twenty-three seat models, all backed by a one-year international warranty. All models are available in a number of colours and configurations. 

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Marshell DN-11 Resort Shuttle

When Marshell was established in 2002, the company’s mission was to provide options to consumers, bu..

$17,999 Ex Tax: $16,363

Marshell DN-14 Resort Shuttle

Marshell began manufacturing electric vehicles in 2002, and today, the company has a full lineup tha..

$18,999 Ex Tax: $17,272

Marshell DN-23 Resort Shuttle

Marshell has burst onto the electric-vehicle scene with environmentally friendly transportation opti..

$36,999 Ex Tax: $33,635

Marshell DN-8 Resort Shuttle

The DN-8 Series from Marshell is a no-nonsense electric shuttle designed to keep operating costs at ..

$16,499 Ex Tax: $14,999

Marshell DN-8F Resort Shuttle

The eight-seat DN-8F belongs to Marshell’s Electric Resort Car series, and it is changing the way pe..

$16,999 Ex Tax: $15,454