BOSS Standard 8 Seat Electric Golf Cart

BOSS Standard 8 Seat Electric Golf Cart

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By adding two rear facing seats to the six-seat resort car, we can provide a cost-effective vehicle to transport eight passengers. The rear facing seats can be fixed, or folded to reveal an aluminium chequer-plate cargo area. 

The BOSS Standard 8 Seat Electric Golf Cart is suitable for resorts, shopping malls, airports, car parks, stadiums, islands, zoos, theme parks and large-scale events. 


When fitting eight, six-volt Trojan batteries this cart can travel up to ninety kilometres between charges. This distance has been tested with a loaded vehicle over level terrain. However, the eight-seat model can traverse slopes of up to twenty degrees. Whilst the standard model is fitted with a 3.8KW DC Motor, an optional 5KW AC System and altered rear axle setup can provide rapid acceleration and allow you to travel at speeds of up to forty kilometres per hour.


The BOSS Standard 8 Seat Electric Golf Cart is fitted with the finest quality components from around the world. Just like those golf carts that sell for twice the price, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a programmable Curtis Controller from the United States. Charging is simple thanks to the intelligent Delta-Q on-board charger. At the end of the day, just plug the vehicle directly in to a power point and let it charge overnight.


Each of our vehicles has been tested for thousands of hours over all types of terrain.  The test track is the largest in the world and includes potholes, rocky surfaces, cobble-stones, mud, inclines, manholes and even speed humps. So, we know your vehicle will not only transport you and your guests comfortably, it will last for many years ahead.


All seats are fitted with rebounding foam, artificial leather and formed arm-rests. There are four drink holders, golf ball holders, tee holders and two glove boxes. You can add a radio, public address system, roof mounted warning light and even solar panels on the roof.


Our vehicles are all custom made to order. You can select your colour, your seat colour, the motor, battery, seating

Technical Specifications

  • Engine: 48V 4KW DC or 5KW AC
  • Range: 70Km (Standard)
  • Maximum Speed: 40kmh
  • Minimum turning radius: 6 metres
  • Maximum Climbing Ability: 20%
  • Dimensions: 382cm x 118cm x 187cm
  • Carrying Capacity: 640KG

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