Boss Standard 4 Seat Electric Golf Cart

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Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to transport your guests? The all-new Boss Standard 4 Seat Golf Cart is the answer. With a range of class-leading features as standard, you won’t find better value elsewhere. The European design is eye-catching and has already captured the market in Asia.

Packed with Features

Standard features include headlights, tail-lights, indicators, memory-foam seats, wood-finish steering wheel and alloy wheels. Enjoy superior handling and comfort, thanks to Double A-arm independent front suspension with adjustable shock absorbers. Double-ended Rack& Pinion steering with adjustable camber ensures longer tyre life. Class-leading one-hundred and twenty-millimeter ground clearance make it suitable for a large range of terrains. Choose from six, eight-volt batteries, or eight, six-volt batteries for longer distance between charges. Each vehicle comes with a battery state-of-charge meter, speedometer and Downhill, Regenerative braking with Roll-away protection.

Plenty of Options

The rear of the vehicle can be fitted with  two rear-facing seats, twin golf bag holders or seats that fold to create an aluminium cargo tray. Other options include rain-curtains, warning lights, USB outlets, AM/FM Radio/CD Player, glass windscreen, windscreen wiper, caddy cooler, seat belts and rear-vision mirrors. Standard Power is via a 48V, 4KW DC Motor, however, the vehicle can be fitted with a 5KW AC Motor if required. All vehicles can be finished in one hundred different colours, with the seats available in black or ivory. All vehicles are fitted with Trojan Batteries, Delta-Q onboard chargers and Curtis Programmable Controllers.


  • Battery: Six x 8 Volt Trojan
  • Motor: 48V4KW DC
  • Controller: Curtis
  • Range: 80 Kilometres
  • Max. speed (km/h): 25
  • Minimum turning radius: 4.5 metres
  • Maximum climbing: 20%
  • Overall dimensions: 3070mm (L) x 1180mm (W) x 1865mm (H)
  • Carrying capacity: 520kgs
  • Gross weight: 610kgs
  • Front wheel Tread: 930mm
  • Rear wheel Tread: 980mm

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