BOSS Standard 2+2 Electric Golf Cart

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With two forward facing seats and two rear facing seats, the BOSS Standard 2+2 golf cart is one of the most innovative and versatile golf carts on the market. This vehicle has been designed for the golf course and beyond, with quality components built to last and seating flexibility ensuring comfort and functionality for up to four people.

Versatility and functionality

The BOSS Standard 2+2 golf cart allows you to easily carry extra passengers by folding down the rear seat. While many golf carts offer this feature, the implementation is often clumsy and unsafe. The BOSS Standard 2+2 features an innovative design that allows the extra bracket at the rear of the vehicle to be included without compromising the departure angle. A rear step improves safety without affecting functionality, with the third and fourth passengers able to climb on and off the cart with ease.

Comfort and innovation

Designed in Europe, the BOSS Standard 2+2 golf cart offers a comfortable and safe ride regardless of the terrain. This advanced model features double A-arm independent front suspension with adjustable shock absorbers to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. Double ended rack and pinion steering also come standard, which improves steering performance and makes driving more relaxing and enjoyable.

This golf cart features the Delta-Q on-board charging system for easy and reliable charging. Industry standard Curtis Controllers are included on all models so you can choose from AC or DC 48 Volt motors with 3kw or 4kw of power. Other advanced features include LED daytime running lights, downhill regenerative braking with rollaway protection, Trojan batteries, a battery state of charge meter, a speedometer, side mounted indicator repeaters, and indicators for headlights and tail lights.

Quality components designed to last

The new BOSS Standard range, including the smaller 2 seat golf cart and the 2+2 golf cart, has been engineered to last. The aluminium chassis is both robust and lightweight, which enhances the life of these vehicles at the same time as improving the driving performance. The BOSS Standard 2+2 golf cart is guaranteed never to rust, with this advanced vehicle providing superior handling and reliable functionality year after year. The materials used also look great, including the woodgrain steering wheel and high strength alloy wheels.

This golf cart features an uncompromising design that will stand the tests of time. Prior to entering the showroom, the BOSS Standard 2+2 was tested on some of the toughest terrain around, with our comprehensive testing track and rigorous testing procedures ensuring longevity and ultimate performance season in, season out. Whether you're travelling over potholes, cobblestones or fairways, this vehicle is guaranteed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Standard Equipment:

  • 4KW 48V AC Motor
  • 6 x 8V Trojan Batteries
  • Curtis Controller
  • Delta-Q Charger
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Woodgrain Steering Wheel
  • Downhill regenerative braking
  • Headlights & Tail lights


  • Rain Covers
  • Roof mounted Warning Light
  • Split Windscreen
  • Rear Seats convert to Cargo Tray

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