BOSS Standard 2 Utility

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The BOSS Standard 2 Utility is the perfect option for grounds maintenance personnel in hotels, resorts, schools, universities, parks, theme-parks, shopping centres and stadiums. Using the most reliable components from the USA and Canada, these vehicles can be fitted with a number of power options to suit your environment. Using the latest technology, this vehicle is made with an aluminium frame to reduce the chances of rust and a PP Plastic front and rear body.

Reliability where it counts

There are two options for batteries, each using the reliable Trojan brand. Where longer distances between charges are required you can choose eight of the six-volt batteries, or if you’re on a budget, you can select six of the eight-volt T-105 batteries. You can choose from AC or DC Motors ranging from 4KW to 5KW, with the more powerful motors providing incredible hill climbing and towing power. And as with our entire range, you’re covered by our one-year warranty.

Easy Charging

The on-board Delta-Q charge makes charging a breeze. All you need to do is plug in the power cord and the smart charging system does the rest. Delta-Q is a brand recognized as the industry leader, you’ll find them in most of the more famous USA branded golf carts.

Plenty of Options:

Whilst the standard vehicle features a black powder coated rear-mounted steel tray, you can also choose an aluminium tray, and trays can be fitted with a hydraulic tipping option if required. If you need to tow a trailer, we can have your vehicle fitted with a tow-pack that meets Australian Standards. In cases where a roof-top mounted warning light may be required, we have a number of different options available. 


  • Battery: Six x 8 Volt Low Maintenance
  • Motor: 48V 4KW AC 

  • Controller: Navitas Programmable
  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy Beam

  • Range: 90 Kilometres 
  • Max. speed (km/h): 40kmh
  • Minimum turning radius: 4.5 metres

  • Maximum climbing: 20%
  • Maximum Load Weight: 370kilograms
  • Overall dimensions: 2866mm (L) x 1180mm (W) x 1800mm (H)

  • Cargo Bed: 77cm x 110cm x 25 cm
  • Gross weight: 610kgs

  • Front wheel Tread: 930mm
Rear wheel Tread: 980mm
  • Wheels: Alloy
  • Headlights: Yes
  • Tail-lights: LED
  • Turning Indicators: Front and Rear
  • Brakes: Mechanical


  • Motor: 48V 4KW AC or DC
  • Aluminium Rear Cargo Box
  • Hydraulic Tipping Tray
  • Hydraulic braking system
  • Warning Light
  • Rain Curtains
  • Glass Windscreen
  • Windscreen Wiper

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