BOSS 6 Seat Electric Shuttle

BOSS 6 Seat Electric Shuttle

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The BOSS 6 Seat Electric Shuttle is a no-nonsense electric shuttle designed to keep operating costs at a minimum in situations where large numbers of people require quiet and comfortable transportation from one point to another or on sightseeing tours. The BOSS 6 Seat Electric Shuttle is so much more than a golf cart. It excels as a fleet car for tourists and resorts but is also suited to a variety of other applications.

Comfort and Style

When most people see the BOSS 6 Seat Electric Shuttle for the first time, they are awestruck by its modern design. At a glance, the three open rows of seats and the curved windscreen that transforms into a horizontal canopy to keep passengers out of the sun or rain take center stage. However, upon taking a seat, the high level of comfort immediately steals the spotlight.

The front bucket seats support the driver and a single passenger while the other two rows feature high back ergonomic bucket seats that can accommodate four more people. The open sides allow for easy access when entering and exiting. Optional heavy duty weather curtains are available to protect passengers from inclement weather.

High-Performance Parts

Boss have spent the majority of its time, equipment and talent researching and developing vehicles such as the BOSS 6 Seat Electric Shuttle. And to provide superior quality, many of the primary systems are imported from the U.S. and Canada. These include the 25-amp Delta-Q charger, 48-volt Curtis controller and eight 6-volt batteries. Alternate battery configurations are available, including low-maintenance sealed batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

The smooth, seamless ride provided by the BOSS 6 Seat Electric Shuttle comes courtesy of several systems operating in conjunction, such as the recirculating-ball steering, integral rear axle and consistent electric drivetrain. As with all our electric vehicles, the BOSS 6 Seat Electric Shuttle also benefits from the company’s vertically integrated manufacturing process that ensures high quality and reliability.

Environmentally Sound

The 48-volt AC motor in the BOSS 6 Seat Electric Shuttle is powerful enough to carry a maximum capacity of 400 kilograms up hills with 20 percent slopes at a top speed of 30 kmh, and the charge in the batteries can last for up to 60 kilometers. Because the vehicle is fully electric, it is extremely quiet and produces no polluting exhaust. Electric shuttles are the way of the future not only because they help to protect the environment but also because they are inexpensive to operate and require very little maintenance.

In addition to being perfect for sightseeing tours, the BOSS 6 Seat Electric Shuttle is great for a variety of commercial applications, including all of the following: sporting events, special occasions, promotions, campgrounds, parks, amusement parks and college campuses.


  • Motor: 5KW AC Motor
  • Controller: Curtis
  • Charger: Delta-Q
  • Steering: Power Assisted Steering
  • Batteries: Eight x 6V Low Maintenance Batteries
  • Max Speed: 30kmh
  • Max climbing ability: 20%
  • Minimum turning radius: 6.5 metres
  • Max breaking distance from 20kmh: 4m
  • Max load capacity: 400kg
  • Vehicle Weight: 800kg
  • Dimensions (cm): 388 x 148 x 190
  • Brakes: Four wheel hydraulic brakes
  • Front Suspension: independent
  • Electrical: Headlight, turn lights, taillight, horn and reverse buzzer
  • Warranty: One Year

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