BOSS GUR Electric Utility Cart

BOSS GUR Electric Utility Cart

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Stand out from the crowd in this environmentally friendly electric utility cart. When a golf cart won’t cut it, the BOSS GUR Electric Utility Cart is the answer! With a huge rear cargo box and a three-hundred and sixty-kilogram load capacity, this is the perfect vehicle for garden maintenance in resorts, botanical gardens, zoological gardens, or residential developments.

When Looks Matter:

The large curved, laminated glass windscreen offers more protection than a standard golf cart’s Perspex split-screen. In wet weather, the windscreen wiper allows the driver uninterrupted vision, perfect for tropical climates. The whole vehicle can be finished in your choice of colours, with matching tray, wheel arches and bumpers. We can also wrap the vehicle with your branding or slogan. 

Tons of Power:

There are numerous engine options, ranging from 3.8KW DC, to 5KW AC. The latter provides up to ninety kilometres travelling distance between charges and a top speed of forty kilometres per hour. Even through hilly terrain of up to twenty percent inclines, the BOSS GUR Electric Utility Cart will perform without faltering. All vehicles are fitted with Curtis Controllers and Delta-Q Chargers.

When Safety Matters: 

The BOSS GUR Electric Utility Cart is fitted with four-wheel hydraulic brakes and a foot activated parking brake. So, when you need to stop in a hurry you can! Headlights, Indicators, brake lights and a horn are all fitted as standard equipment. High backed seats provide comfort for long hours in the saddle and seat belts are optional.

All vehicles are made to order and can be delivered in six to eight weeks anywhere in the world. Contact Us today to discuss your individual requirements.


  • Batteries: Trojan (Made in USA) Lead Acid 
  • Motor: 5KW AC
  • Controller: Curtis (Made in the USA)
  • Charger: Delta-Q (Made in Canada)
  • Range: 70-90 kilometres depending on motor
  • Maximum Speed: 30kmh with AC System
  • Turning Radius: 4 metres
  • Maximum Climbing Ability: 20%
  • Maximum Load Weight: 400 kilograms
  • Ground Clearance: 140mm
  • Dimensions: (cm) 309 × 149 × 195
  • Cargo Box Dimensions: 1200mm x 1350mm x 280mm
  • Frame: Powder Coated Welded Steel
  • Body: Fibreglass
  • Seats: Memory Foam with artificial leather covers
  • Floor: Bamboo board with rubber
  • Dashboard: Battery Meter, Speedometer, Current Meter
  • Brakes: Four Wheel Hydraulic Discs
  • Park Brake: Foot Activated
  • Front Suspension: Independent spring & shock absorber
  • Rear Suspension: Integral rear axle, coil spring non-independent suspension, hydraulic shock absorber tube
  • Aluminium Wheel & Tyre: 225/55R12C
  • Warranty: One Year

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