BOSS 14 Seat Electric Shuttle

BOSS 14 Seat Electric Shuttle

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If 23 seats are just a little too much, the BOSS 14 Seat Electric Shuttle is just a step down in size. It features nearly identical equipment and options. Because this shuttle is fully electric, it is perfect for transporting people in enclosed spaces or outdoors. And it not only saves money on operating costs but also shows your guests that you value the environment.

Attractive and Comfortable

The BOSS 14 Seat Electric Shuttle is a sight to behold. The large windscreen is seamlessly connected to the glossy front panel and the canopy that runs the length of the vehicle. The open sides display four rows of forward-facing, ergonomic seats, and a rear-facing fifth row in the back. The bench seats in rows two through five can each accommodate three people while the two bucket seats in the front are for the driver and one passenger. Stainless steel handrails keep all the passengers safely in the vehicle, and the 13-inch tires provide a smooth ride.

Durable Components

The individual components that make up the BOSS 14 Seat Electric Shuttle were developed after several years of research and testing, and many of the advanced systems were imported from Canada and the United States, such as the high-frequency charger and Curtis controller. The chassis of the BOSS 14 Seat Electric Shuttle is fabricated from rustproof steel for strength and durability, and the body panels and canopy are moulded from sturdy resin.

Powerful Features

The BOSS 14 Seat Electric Shuttle is loaded with powerful standard features designed for comfort and convenience. The driver has access to the front and rear lights, windscreen wiper, rearview mirrors, independent parking brake and speedometer while the four-wheel hydraulic braking system can be upgraded with front disc brakes. Other optional features include a loudspeaker, alloy wheels and power steering.

Multiple Purposes

Don’t let the BOSS 14 Seat Electric Shuttle's moniker fool you into thinking this versatile shuttle is only for resorts. It has a multitude of potential uses in commercial, industrial and public settings. It can be used as a residential shuttle for communities or as public transportation in airports or museums. In addition, the BOSS 14 Seat Electric Shuttle is perfect for sporting events, special attractions, theme parks, university campuses and apartment complexes, and it is also durable enough to be used in large production facilities and warehouses.


  • Motor: 5KW DC
  • Controller: Curtis
  • Charger: Delta-Q 110-240V, 72V 52A
  • Seating Capacity: 14
  • Range: 100 kilometres
  • Maximum Speed: 45 KMH
  • Turning Radius: 5.35m
  • Climbing Ability: 20%
  • Load Weight: 1,120kg
  • Dimensions (mm): 5000 x 1490 x 2050
  • Ground Clearance: 135mm
  • Frame: Welded Steel, treated with anti-rust
  • Lights: High & Low Beam Headlights, Indicators, Fog lights, Tail lights
  • Steering: Recirculating Ball
  • Brakes: Four Wheel hydraulic drum brakes
  • Optional Transmission: 4 Speed Manual gearbox with clutch
  • Wheels: 12*4J Steel Rim
  • Tyres: 145/80-R12 6PR tubeless
  • Warranty: One Year


  • PA System
  • Radio
  • Rain Covers
  • Sun Shades
  • Warning Light
  • Branding

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