BOSS Dominator Lifted 4+2 Electric Golf Cart

BOSS Dominator Lifted 4+2 Electric Golf Cart

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The BOSS Dominator Lifted 4+2 Electric Golf Cart has a vast range of options. You can choose between rear mounted golf bag carriers or rear-mounted seats. The rear-mounted seats can be flipped over to provide a checker-plate aluminium rear tray. The rear shelf is ideal for carrying luggage, pets, freight or tools when you have four or fewer passengers.

Eye-Catching Design

What sets this four-seat golf buggy apart from the competitors is the streamlined, modern design. The body has smooth, rounded curves and a minimalist profile that can be appreciated equally by members of the classiest country clubs and those who prefer public courses. This cart easily seats four adults up to a maximum capacity of 480 kilograms, and the padded seats are constructed of a weather-resistant material that is also easy to clean.

Power to Choose

From the standard four-kilowatt DC Motor through to the most potent five-kilowatt AC Motor, we can build your vehicle with the right power for the job. If your golf course or resort contains hilly terrain, you can choose the most powerful option. Additionally, you can choose from Chinese or German manufactured motors. 

All vehicles are fitted with Canadian manufactured Delta-Q onboard chargers and programmable Curtis Controllers from the United States. These are the best quality components available anywhere in the world and are considered to be the industry standards. 

High-Performance Golf Buggy

The BOSS Dominator Lifted 4+2 Electric Golf Cart is both sturdy and reliable. The steel chassis is durable and resists rust, and the electric motor is environmentally friendly, keeps operating costs low and produces no excessive noise. The drive train is also one of the most efficient in the market. The vehicle when fitted with the more powerful motor can reach speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour. The base model has a top speed of twenty-four kilometres per hour. It has a maximum range of up to 70 kilometres on a full battery charge. You can select six, eight-volt battery system or eight, six-volt battery system. Only the best Trojan Batteries from the United States are used in all our vehicles. 

Customization Options

We provide a huge range of options for customising the Six Seat BOSS Dominator Lifted 4+2 Electric Golf Cart. The solid windshield can be replaced with a split windshield or even a glass windshield with wiper, and a weather curtain can be added that fully encloses the interior during storms. Although the vehicle includes a rear mounted golf-bag bracket, an optional rear-facing seat is available to convert into a six-seat golf car. A range of additional options is listed below.

On or Off the Golf Course

The BOSS Dominator Lifted 4+2 Electric Golf Cart range is perfect for golf courses of all types, but it is also great for many other applications. It is an efficient, low-cost Personal Transportation vehicle for families in golf-cart communities. It is highly useful for use in many types of businesses, including construction, mining, hospitality, sports, theme parks and anywhere an affordable people mover is required.

This vehicle can be shipped worldwide and is available in any colour paint finish you may require. 

Product Specifications

  • Regenerative Braking: Yes
  • Climbing Capacity: 20%
  • Seating Capacity: 4 passengers (6 with rear facing seat option)
  • Maximum Speed: 24 Km/h (40kmh with 5KW Motor)
  • Travelling Range: 60-90 Km (dependent on motor, battery and axle configuration)
  • Braking Distance: 5 metres
  • Turning Radius: 4.5 metres
  • Load Capacity: 480 Kg
  • Power Source: 48V DC
  • Motor: DC 48V 4KW (4KW & 5KWAC Optional)
  • Horsepower: 3.3 kW rated
  • Controller: Curtis DC 48V 350A Programmable (Made in USA)
  • Charger: Delta-Q 48V 18A On-Board Charger (Made in Canada)
  • Battery: 6 x 8V 170Ah Trojan (Made in the USA)
  • Rear Axle Ratio: 12.49:1
  • Steering: Rack & Pinion
  • Brakes: Rear mechanical drum
  • Windscreen: Split Folding Acrylic Screen
  • Wheels: 10 x 6 Alloy
  • Tyres: 205/50-10 4PR
  • Ground Clearance: 10 cm
  • Dimensions (cm): L 311 x W 118 x H 189
  • Gross Weight: 570 kg
  • Warranty: Three Years


  • 4KW, 5KW Motors, AC or DC
  • Woodgrain Steering Wheel
  • Woodgrain Dashboard 
  • Woodgrain finish to the rear of seats 
  • Glove box door in black 
  • Two Point Inertia Seat Belts
  • Glove box door in woodgrain 
  • Speedometer, Mileage Meter 
  • Rear View Mirror Centre 
  • Rear View Mirrors Side (2) 
  • 4 Wheel hydraulic brakes (front disc – rear drum) 
  • One Piece Acrylic Windscreen or folding Acrylic Windscreen

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