Boss DN-4/5 Golf Car For Sale

BOSS DN-4/5 Electric Resort Car

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While the basic golf buggies and low-speed vehicles (LSVs) from BOSS are impressive and provide all a business or individual needs for affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation, why not shoot for the stars, and step up to the DN-4/5? The DN-4/5 is designated as a club and resort vehicle, but it is suitable for nearly all short-range and mid-range transportation requirements.

Four-Seat and Five Seat Options

The DN-4/5 is unique among Boss’s lineup of green club and resort cars in that it has both four-seat and five-seat configurations. As a four-seater, the interior includes four front-facing bucket seats in two rows, and between the seats in each row is a handy console. However, the two bucket seats and centre console in the rear can be replaced with a wide bench that seats three people for a total of five.

Attractive and Affordable

The stunning appearance of the DN-4/5 belies its affordability as this vehicle will impress passengers of any class, even those who are accustomed to the finest luxuries. The most noticeable exterior feature is the car's angled windscreen with an integral canopy, and it includes a heavy-duty, dual-arm wiper blade for driving in the rain. The blown-back windscreen also complements the curves of the body and both have high-gloss finishes available in a choice of colours. Inside, the seating has been ergonomically designed to be comfortable on long or bumpy trips.

Reliable and Efficient Performance

For Marshell, efficiency and sustainability are of the utmost importance, and the DN-4/5 excels in both categories. The 48-volt electric motor and U.S.-made Curtis controller provide enough power to reach speeds of up to 25 kmh although some owners have reported reaching speeds of up to 30 kmh. The steel frame is treated to prevent rust, and the accelerator and drivetrain ensure consistency on even terrain and slopes.

Golf Courses, Resorts and More

The BOSS DN-4/5 offers an improved experience on the golf course, but it also makes a perfect private vehicle for golf-cart communities and other low-traffic neighbourhoods. In addition, this LSV can also be employed by a full range of businesses and industries for a variety of needs. Hotels, resorts, sports arenas and theme parks are only a few of the possibilities.

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