BOSS AEV-6D Classic Resort Car

BOSS AEV-6D Classic Resort Car

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One of the primary reasons BOSS has begun to make waves among golf cart and low-speed vehicle (LSV) manufacturers is that the company showcases its innovation in its unique products, such as the AEV-6D Series. The AEV-6D is a six-passenger electric vehicle modelled after the classic cars of the past, and it is much more than a pretty face. This captivating car is also highly durable, provides a comfortable ride and outperforms higher priced vehicles in its class.

An Electric Vehicle With Style

Once again, BOSS proves that efficiency and performance do not have to go by the wayside to make room for style. The DN-6D is among the most attractive LSVs ever designed. As far as golf buggies go, this model has much more body than the average as it includes a full grill and a faux automotive front end and hood. The panels are made of durable molded resin, and they have a glossy finish that shines with even the smallest hint of sunlight. Just looking at the DN-6D, it is difficult to believe that a car as appealing as this is available at such a low price.

Smooth Ride, Low Cost

With the AEV-6D, you will have one of the sharpest-looking electric vehicles on the market, but it also delivers when it comes to comfort and a smooth ride. Many of the primary systems are imported from the U.S. and Canada, and the 48-volt DC motor can get the vehicle up to a maximum speed of 25 kmh while climbing grades of up to 15 percent. In addition, the DN-6D can carry six adults comfortably in its two forward-facing bench seats and its rear-facing rumble seat in the back. Several options are also available for customizing the car, including a canopy, full weather enclosure, mirrors and a choice of colors.

Hotels, Resorts and More

Even though the AEV-6D is designated as a Classic Resort Vehicle by Marshell, it makes for an impressive addition to any business that requires a fleet of attractive yet affordable vehicles for the transport of staff, guests or clients. As a fleet vehicle, it fits in nicely at hospitality establishments of all types, upscale apartment complexes, college campuses, business parks or even automobile dealerships. Furthermore, it makes an excellent attention grabber for big promotions

In addition, the DN-6D makes a great personal vehicle for the golf course, golf-cart communities or neighborhoods where the vehicle is street legal. It is also perfect for special events for friends and family, including weddings, birthdays and graduations.

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