BOSS AEV-N4 Electric Utility Cart

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BOSS is quickly gaining recognition around the world for developing electric low-speed vehicles (LSVs) for both consumers and commercial businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprints. Among this innovative lineup of LSVs is the AEV-N4, an all-purpose mini-truck designed for carrying light cargo in a number of situations. Worldwide distributors have a difficult time finding a specific niche for the AEV-N4as it has been called all of the following and can be purposed for each: mobile food truck, electric utility car, utility cargo vehicle, electric garden cart and electric chandlery vehicle. However, it also makes an excellent maintenance vehicle in industrial and commercial settings.

Attractive and Practical

Although the AEV-N4 boasts the aesthetics of a designer car, it is also extremely practical and can be used for a number of purposes at home or at work. The first aspect most people notice about this LSV is the curvature of the front end. It was designed with aerodynamics in mind as the spacious windscreen sweeps back from the headlights and forms a canopy over the cab and stamped-steel cargo box. The next aspect that draws the attention of onlookers is the seating. The bucket seats are ergonomically designed and amazingly comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes.

Environmentally Friendly

The primary thrust of Boss is that its entire line of vehicles, including the AEV-N4, is environmentally friendly. The efficient, 48-volt DC motor is fully electric, producing no pollution, giving off no odour and running extremely quietly. In addition to all of the environmental benefits, this cargo truck has an affordable upfront cost, low operating cost and minimal maintenance requirements. It can be driven for 50 to 70 kilometers at speeds of up to 25 kmh before the batteries need to be recharged, which can be accomplished from any ordinary outlet.

While the AEV-N4 is small in size, it is big on standard features, and several options are available to customize it for specific needs or tastes. The eight lead-acid batteries that come with the base model are made in the U.S., but they can be upgraded to Trojan batteries, which are known for their long life and reliability. The 350-amp controller is also U.S. made while the Delta-Q charger is imported from Canada. The rest of the components of the AEV-N4are produced directly in the factory. The recirculating-ball steering provides superior handling, and the four-wheel hydraulic brakes supplemented with an independent parking brake give the car excellent stopping power on all surfaces.


  • Vehicle Dimensions(mm): 3750 X 1400 X 1810
  • Tray Dimensions (mm): 1600 X 990 X280
  • Ground Clearance: 140mm
  • Motor Options: 3.8KW AC or 5KW AC
  • Batteries: 8 x Trojan T-105 (USA)
  • Controller: Curtis Brand (USA)
  • Charger: On-Board Delta-Q Brand (Canada)
  • Distance between charges: 90km (more with solar panel)
  • Max Speed: 32kmh
  • Minimum Turning Radius: 4m
  • Braking Distance: 4m
  • Maximum Load Weight: 530kg
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Steering: Rack & Pinion
  • Brakes: Four Wheel Hydraulic – Front Discs, Rear Drums
  • Parking Brake: Hand Operated
  • Regenerative Electronic Braking: Yes
  • Front Suspension: Independent suspension, helix spring + shock absorber
  • Rear Suspension: rear plate spring + shock absorber
  • Rear Axle: Integrated, Gear ratio12.49:1
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Seats: White or Beige
  • Electrical: 2 headlights, 2 front turn signals, 2 rear turn signals and 2 rear brake lights, with DC-DC converter (converting from 48V to 12V), horn.
  • Dashboard: Forward/reverse switch, headlight indicator, turn signal indicator, ignition key, voltmeter, ammeter, emergency switch; turn signal switch, headlight switch, windscreen wiper switch, horn button; Storage for miscellaneous items
  • Paint Colour: Any Pantone or PMS colour
  • Solar Panel: Optional - 48V, 125Watt 
  • Seat Belts: Optional
  • Rear View Mirrors: Optional

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