BOSS DU-F4 Electric Utility Food Service Van

BOSS DU-F4 Electric Food Service Cart

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Among our most popular products is the electric utility cart because it meets a wide range of needs. The DU-F4 Electric Food Car is one such model, and although the name specifies why it was originally developed, its versatility allows it to be adapted for many other purposes, not just food and beverages.

Realize Your Potential

With the DU-F4, individuals can become entrepreneurs in the foodservice industry, and established restaurants and catering businesses can realize their full potential. Traditional food trucks cost an incredible amount of money, and operating costs prevent many new businesses from obtaining one. However, the DU-F4 has an affordable starting price point, and because it is fully electric, you will never have to spend your money on fuel. Instead, you pay only about one-quarter the price of gasoline by simply plugging the car into a wall socket each night or after every 50 to 70 kilometers when the batteries need charging.

Go Green With Boss!

So many businesses refrain from incorporating sustainable practices into their operations because they do not have enough capital, but with the DU-F4, practically anyone can go green and look good doing so. Your customers will appreciate that you are watching your carbon footprint, and they will be delighted that your utility vehicle is whisper quiet and produces zero emissions. Even Forbes Magazine has touted the benefits of electric food trucks, pointing out that they save money while simultaneously protecting the environment.

Timeless Design for Any Application

The DU-F4 is not only economical and eco-friendly but also aesthetically appealing. Most food trucks and utility vehicles are boxy, battered and scarred, but a new Boss Food Car is streamlined, bright and clean. It includes a large cargo area in the back and can accommodate five adults in its two rows of comfortable, ergonomic seats. The steel chassis has been treated to resist corrosion, and both the exterior and interior resist stains and are easy to bring to a shine.

If you do not own a restaurant or catering business or have no need for a food-delivery vehicle, the DU-F4 can be repurposed for many other uses. It is perfect for delivering parcels, hauling refrigerated cargo and performing specialized maintenance. It could even be used for transporting vital medical supplies in the healthcare field.

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