Boss DN-8P Electric Police Vehicle

BOSS DN-8P Electric Police Response Vehicle

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Boss was founded on the prediction that everyone, including individuals, organizations, businesses and government agencies, will begin to realize the damage and strain their lifestyles are putting on the environment. With a full line of electric low-speed vehicles, we set out to meet the supply of eco-friendly transportation that would soon be demanded. Only a few  years after the company was founded, the day has finally arrived when attitudes have changed and traditional conventions are being questioned.

Boss has an electric vehicle for every need, including security and emergency response. The DN-8P is an eight-seat electric patrol car that can be used for police, medics and other first responders, especially in crowded, tight spaces.

Keep the Peace and Save Money

The DN-8P allows any organization or agency to cut their security budgets while improving performance. As a fully-electric vehicle, this patrol car literally costs only a few pennies per kilometre. The 48-volt DC motor has an output of 3.3 kilowatts and a top speed of 25 kmh. It can climb steep hills, turn in a full circle with only 6 meters of space and carry loads weighing up to 640 kilograms. The eight 6-volt, lead-acid batteries will power the vehicle through 60 kilometres before they need to be recharged, which can be done with any available electrical outlet. In addition to the low purchase price and negligible operating costs, the DN-8P has simple maintenance requirements and is easy to clean.

Features and Options

The design of the DN-8P varies from other BOSS vehicles in that its curves are not as soft, which gives it an official-looking appearance. The seats are comfortable and ergonomically shaped to reduce the fatigue and soreness associated with sitting for long periods. Standard features include front and rear lighting, a horn and rearview mirrors, and several optional accessories can be added, such as emergency lights, a siren, a loudspeaker, sunshade curtains and a weather enclosure.

For All Patrol Applications

The BOSS DN-8P is a perfect security and patrol vehicle for all applications where large groups of people gather for business or recreation. In can be used for industrial security at factories and warehouses or used at colleges and universities for campus security. In addition, the DN-8P can be used at sports stadiums, airports, train stations, parks, zoos and a range of other venues both indoors and outdoors. If all three rows of seats are not required, the back can be used for extra storage or for stabilizing the sick or injured until a rendezvous with a fully equipped ambulance can be arranged.

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