Boss DN-4P Electric Police Car

BOSS DN-4P Electric Police Car

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One of the most innovative vehicles BOSS produces, however, is the DN-4P Electric Patrol Car. For decades, East Asian countries have used electric cars for police, security and emergency responders of all types, and as businesses and governments of other countries begin to curb their impact on the environment, they are also seeking new ways to reduce their carbon footprints, especially when it comes to transportation.

Economizing Safety

While cutting corners on safety services is not usually a good idea, switching to or implementing electric security vehicles in both the public and private sectors makes good sense. The DN-4P has two rows of forward-facing seats, one in the front for the security officer and one passenger and one in the rear for two more passengers. A hard canopy extends from the windscreen in a sweeping curve that maximizes line of sight and minimizes wind resistance, and behind the rear seat is a lockable storage box for first-aid kits and other safety equipment.

High-Performance Parts

The DN-4P is manufactured from only the highest-quality parts, most of which are produced directly by BOSS. The parts that are not made in the factory are state-of-the-art imports from Canada and the U.S., including the Curtis motor controller and the high-frequency Delta-Q charger.

The motor in the DN-4P runs on 48 volts of DC electricity with a continuous output of 3 kilowatts. The motor then rotates a durable, steel axle, which is set at a ratio of 12.94: 1. The motor runs on eight 6-volt batteries that can power the vehicle for 60 kilometres on a full charge. The maximum speed of the DN-4P is 25 kmh, and it can climb hills with a 20 percent slope. In addition, it has recirculating ball steering, four-wheel hydraulic brakes and a carrying capacity of 320 kilograms.

Optional Accessories

The DN-4P boasts a large selection of standard features that remain optional for other Marshell vehicles. It comes equipped with both headlights and taillights, rearview mirrors and an electric horn. The standard colour is white, but a choice of other tints and finishes is available. If the DN-4P is to be used as an official security or police vehicle, several optional accessories can be added, including emergency lights, a siren and a loudspeaker.

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