BOSS DN-11 Electric Shuttle Vehicles

BOSS 11 Seat Electric Resort Shuttle

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When BOSS was established in 2018, the company’s mission was to provide options to consumers, businesses and organizations of all types that could help them serve customers and the general public while maintaining a low carbon footprint. The result of that mission is a full line of electric vehicles and shuttles, such as the DN-11, which can transport up to 11 people on short and midrange trips.

Electric Resort Shuttle

The DN-11 is another of BOSS’s models in the Electric Resort Car series that features full automotive controls and design elements without the having to resort to using expensive, polluting fossil fuels. Because the motor is fully electric, it does not emit irritating exhaust, and it provides a smooth, quiet ride. Even better is that the electric motor is eco-friendly, and operating and maintenance costs are only a fraction of that of traditional, petroleum-fueled shuttles. This vehicle is perfect for a variety of applications and for a wide range of organizations. It can be used for sightseeing tours, parks, amusement parks, sporting events, airports, government installations, resorts and much more.

Fun to Ride

While the DN-11 is one of the most affordable electric shuttles on the market today, it is also very comfortable and fun to ride. The entire design of this shuttle was based on passenger satisfaction, and it does not disappoint in any way. The ergonomic seats are comfortable for long trips, and its maximum carrying capacity is 1,000 kilograms. The DN-11 is much like a traditional shuttle, but it has a low turning radius, which allows it to be driven in tight spaces that cannot accommodate other vehicles.

Performance Parts

BOSS designed the DN-11 to be both durable and reliable. The majority of parts were developed through a vertical production process in its ISO 9001:2000-certified facilities, but some complex systems were imported from the U.S. and Canada, such as the 400-amp Curtis controller, high-frequency Delta-Q charger and batteries. In addition, the vehicle’s stopping power derives from a four-wheel hydraulic braking system, and an independent parking brake is available to the driver for safety and emergencies.

Features and Options

The BOSS DN-11 is strong on standard features, but several optional accessories are available to expand its versatility and functionality. The base model comes equipped with front and rear lights, rearview mirrors and a horn. This shuttle can also be outfitted with a sound system featuring a CD player and loudspeaker. For hot and humid environments, an AC system can be added along with side sunshades and a full weather enclosure.

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