BOSS 4WD Hunting Cart

BOSS 4WD Hunting Cart

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Petrol powered vehicles create air and noise pollution that may not always be convenient. At last, an all-terrain four-wheel drive electric golf cart that allows the occupants the opportunity to travel without the presence of noise and fumes. And don’t worry, while you will help to save the environment you won’t compromise power or speed in the process.

At Last an Electric ATV!

Introducing the BOSS 4WD Hunting Cart! With high ground-clearance to overcome almost any obstacle, and All Terrain Mud Tyres to get you through sticky situations. With two motors, there’s enough power to tow a trailer or to carry heaps of gear, without compromising speed. Fitted with six, eight-volt Trojan batteries, the maximum range is seventy kilometres. And in case you do get stuck, there's a front mounted electric winch to recover your vehicle.

Going Camping?

This vehicle comes with roof racks and an optional steel tray at the front, so there’s plenty of room to carry your bags, tents, esky etc. The cart can be configured with two rear-facing seats or a rear steel tray and has a carrying capacity of three hundred and twenty kilograms. There’s even a twelve-volt power outlet if you need power for your esky or USB device! Need more lighting? Your vehicle can be fitted with overhead LED Spotlights if required. 

If Looks Could Kill!

Not only is this an extremely impressive vehicle mechanically and electronically, but it is also pretty impressive to look at! Available in camouflage paintwork, or black the lifted profile together with the steel nudge bag make it look as mean as it really is! This is the ultimate all-terrain electric vehicle!


  • Power: Up to 9KW (3.8kw front, 5.3kw rear)
  • Batteries: Trojan lead acid T875 8V (six)
  • Controller: Two Curtis Programmable Controllers
  • Charger: Delta-Q On-Board
  • Travelling Range: Up to 40kms depending on speed & terrain
  • Maximum Speed: 35kmh
  • Maximum Load: 320kgs
  • Minimum Turning Radius: 3.8 metres
  • Climbing Ability: 45%
  • Dimensions (cm) L303 x W140 x H199 without roof-mounted spotlights
  • Ground Clearance: 415mm
  • Body: Polypropylene plastic front and rear
  • Frame: Welded Steel with anti-rust phosphate electrocoating
  • Roof: Fibreglass
  • Windscreen: Split Plastic or one-piece organic glass
  • Mirrors: Centre and side rear-view mirrors
  • Reversing Alarm: Yes
  • Indicators: Yes
  • Winch: Yes
  • Seats: Rebounding Memory Foam with Faux leather covers
  • Steering: Rack & Pinion steering with rocker compensating function
  • Brakes: Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes
  • Wheels: 10X8 Steel Wheel
  • Tyres: 22x11-10


  • Rear Steel Tray
  • Glass Windscreen
  • Windscreen Wiper
  • Wood finish steering wheel
  • Gun holder

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