BOSS 23 Seat Electric Shuttle

BOSS 23 Seat Electric Shuttle

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Boss has burst onto the electric-vehicle scene with environmentally friendly transportation options to meet all needs – from the basic, two-seat golf cart to the BOSS 23 Seat Electric Shuttle, a 23-seat electric bus for resorts and much more. The BOSS 23 Seat Electric Shuttle is the highest-capacity vehicle BOSS manufactures, and it includes all of the innovative features for which the company is quickly becoming known, such as its futuristic design and street-legal accessory package.

Electric Shuttle Vehicle

The BOSS 23 Seat Electric Shuttle was specifically designed for eco-friendly sightseeing tours. This electric bus requires no fossil fuels, which means it produces zero harmful emissions, no unpleasant odors and very little noise. Using this vehicle shows guests that you care about the environment and your carbon footprint without having to sacrifice their comfort. With the BOSS 23 Seat Electric Shuttle, you can have it all, including a low initial price point, and with no fuel to purchase, the ongoing operating costs are minimal.

Comfortable and Built to Last

All high-capacity vehicles are expected to handle excessive traffic and abuse from the public, and we did not forget this when we designed the BOSS 23 Seat Electric Shuttle. The body structure and frame are completely rustproof, and the maximum capacity is 1,750 kg. The smart steering system and small turning radius allow the bus to be manoeuvred through tight spaces without disrupting the passengers, and the 51-volt AC motor allows the vehicle to reach speeds of up to 25 kmh.

Standard Features and Options

The BOSS 23 Seat Electric Shuttle is loaded with standard features for both the driver and the passengers. It comes with front and rear lights, mirrors, a horn and four-wheel hydraulic brakes for precision stopping power. However, this bus can also be customized for specific purposes with the optional weather enclosure, sunshade curtains, speedometer and three-point safety belt for the driver. In addition, you can add a CD sound system and a loudspeaker for making clear announcements that reach the rear passengers.

High-Capacity Applications

With the BOSS 23 Seat Electric Shuttle, the sky’s the limit because it meets the requirements for nearly all high-capacity applications. Companies around the world are already using this sightseeing vehicle for exactly this purpose, but so many other possibilities exist. Give guests a tour of your grounds or operations, or if you are in the recreation or entertainment industry, provide customers with a comfortable ride to the event or attraction. It is perfect for sports stadiums, resorts, large golf courses, beach areas, theme parks and movie studios. It can even be used for public applications, including intermediary transportation at airports, government installations and military bases.

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