BOSS 1000KG Electric Utility Truck

BOSS 1000KG Electric Utility Truck

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The BOSS 1000KG electric utility truck is an innovative transportation and logistics solution for a range of commercial and industrial applications. From resorts and airports through to shopping centres, parks, farms, factories and warehouses, this electric vehicle allows you to move goods cheaply, easily, and with zero emissions. BOSS electric utility trucks feature innovative drop-side and tail-gate features which enable the easy loading of palletised goods by forklift.

Benefits of electric utility trucks

The BOSS 1000KG electric utility truck features many advantages over conventional petrol trucks, including no emissions, silent operation, no outgoing fuel costs, inexpensive and easy maintenance, and fantastic operational capacity. There are absolutely zero emissions with electric trucks, which makes these vehicles ideal for use in warehouses, factories and other enclosed environments.

The silent nature of these trucks is also beneficial, with operators able to work without obtrusive hearing protection. Not only is this more efficient and comfortable, but it's also much safer as operators can hear what's going on around them. For many businesses, the biggest drawcard of electric vehicles is the inexpensive operation. While you will still have to pay your electricity bills, these vehicles require no diesel or petrol and are much more affordable to operate.

Maintenance costs are also reduced with electric vehicles, with less moving parts meaning less time at the shop and more time on the move. Electric utility trucks are also great for the environment, reducing the carbon footprint of your business and giving you that warm fuzzy feeling that money can't buy. The BOSS 1000KG provides incredibly versatile operation due to its turning radius of just 5.3 m and its ability to traverse gradients of twenty per cent.

Power and comfort

The BOSS 1000KG electric utility truck has been fitted with industry-leading deep cycle lead acid batteries from Trojan in the United States. All vehicles come fitted with Curtis programmable controllers and are powered by a 5kW motor that provides a top speed of 50 km/h and an average charging range of 70 km when travelling at an average speed of 20 km/h. 

This vehicle also features an enclosed aluminium framed cabin with large seats and headrests, full-width laminated glass windscreen with limitless vision, a radio and MP3 adaptor, and a dashboard with volt-meter, ammeter, odometer, speedometer, and emergency kill switch. These vehicles have a range of applications, including resorts, hotels, stadiums, farms, factories, theme parks, zoological gardens, and landscaping businesses, to name a few. 


Motor: 5KW DC

Controller: Curtis

Charger: Delta-Q 110-240V, 72V 52A

Seating Capacity: 2

Range: 70 kilometres

Maximum Speed: 50 KMH

Turning Radius: 5.3m

Climbing Ability: 20%

Load Weight: 1,000kg

Dimensions (mm): 4200 x 1500 x 2100

Cargo Tray Dimensions (mm): 3000 x 1500 x 430

Frame: Welded Steel

Lights: Headlights, Indicators, Fog lights, Tail lights

Steering: Recirculating Ball

Brakes: Four Wheel hydraulic drum brakes

Transmission: Manual gearbox with clutch

Wheels: 13*5L Steel Rim

Tyres: 175R13C tubeless

Warranty: One Year

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