Buying a Golf Cart: How to Find Great Golf Cart Suppliers

All golf clubs have members who insist that golf is a sport and they play it for the exercise and the thrill of sinking all those long putts. Perhaps they enjoy tired legs, aching feet, and feeling exhausted after a round of golf?

Perhaps they haven’t considered the possibility of arriving back at the clubhouse after 18 holes feeling as fresh as – well, a newly mown fairway?

Perhaps they haven’t ever ridden in a truly great golf cart? If your club is thinking about investing in golf carts, the first thing to do is find golf cart suppliers, and find the kind of fleet you’re looking for.

Choose Someone In The Know

Your best bet—and we might be biased in this regard—is to choose a company that knows the lie of the land, as it were. As the Australian distributors for Boss Golf Carts, All Electric Vehicles have got their finger on the pulse of the latest developments in golf cart technology.

Our vehicles are assembled in Australia fitted with the finest components sourced internationally. We sell two, four, six, and eight-seater models of brand new electric golf carts available in various colours. All golf carts come with a three-year warranty.

Colour is important too.  What about your golf club’s brand identity, or the league team’s uniform colours? Nowadays, golfers are much more fashion-conscious, and if colour adds that extra touch of style and persuades them to hire a cart, it’s worth choosing wisely!

International Connections

We are in touch with the latest developments in the low-speed electric vehicles (LSV) and electric golf cart industry. (There’s a difference between the two.)  This means that we source the best components in the market, featuring such items as Trojan Batteries, Delta-Q Chargers, and Curtis Controllers for assembly locally.

If your club or resort golf course is contemplating new golf carts for its fleet, it is probably best to decide on the types of carts you’re going to focus on. We recommend electric vehicles over fuel-powered models simply because they are more environmentally friendly. They also require less maintenance.

Standard Models

Our range, as we have already mentioned is substantial, and we suggest you visit this page to get a quick overview.  We have chosen a standard 4-seater to run through the kinds of features you can expect from most golf carts in the Boss range.

Boss Standard 4 Seat Golf Cart

This value-for-money model has already captured the Asian market, with its appealing European design. We have chosen this model to illustrate a “typical” vehicle in our range.

The 4 seat golf cart’s many features include:

  • headlights
  • tail-lights
  • indicators
  • memory-foam seats
  • wood-finish steering wheel
  • alloy wheels.

Double A-arm independent front suspension with adjustable shock absorbers makes for superior handling and comfort. Longer tyre life is achieved by the fitting of double-ended rack and pinion steering with adjustable camber.

Ground clearance of 120mm means it can handle most golf course terrains. There is a choice of either 6 x 8V batteries or 8 x 6V batteries for longer distances between charges. All vehicles come with a battery state-of-charge meter, a speedometer, and downhill regenerative braking with roll-away protection.

Seating arrangements can include two rear-facing seats, twin golf bag holders or foldable seats to create an aluminium cargo tray.

Read the specifications under each model to discover all the optional extras, such as rain-curtains, warning lights, USB outlets, AM/FM Radio or CD Player, glass windscreens, windscreen wiper, caddy cooler, seat belts, and rear-vision mirrors.

While standard Power is via a 48V, 4KW DC motor, the vehicle can be fitted with a 5KW AC Motor if required. There is a choice of one hundred different colours for this model. Seats have a choice of colour of black or ivory.

This vehicle has a range of 80 Kilometres, a maximum speed of 25 km/hour and a 4.5m turning radius. It measures 3070mm (L) x 1180mm (W) x 1865mm (H) and has a carrying capacity of 520kg  for a gross weight of 610kg.

Fleet golf carts are motorized vehicles that can legally go no faster than 20 miles per hour. This makes a whole lot of sense from a safety perspective.

Best Golf Cart Suppliers

All Electrical Vehicles are fans of style too. If you like to combine great performance with your flair for style, then perhaps you would like our Boss Dominator Lifted 2+2 Electric Golf Cart. We’re pretty sure it has some great online reviews, but we’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

If there is any particular technical specification you are looking for to incorporate into your individual golf cart or your fleet, please speak to us. Since vehicles are assembled locally in Australia, we can liaise with our suppliers to ensure optional extras are just the way you want them too.

Browsing around the various models displayed on our Golf Carts page could inspire you. It will certainly give you a good idea of the range of possibilities open to you.

Let’s Talk About Batteries

Because All Electrical Vehicles assembles its Boss range locally in Australia, it has the ultimate freedom to choose the best components. We choose our chief components for their technological superiority. This translates into better vehicle performance.

We choose our suppliers because they align with our approach to environmental sustainability.

The “engine” of any electric vehicle is its battery. We always aim to supply a superior battery which charges quickly and lasts longer. We use Trojan Batteries in all our vehicles because Trojan lithium batteries are 99% recyclable.

This California-based company has clean energy initiatives and recycling programmes. Its proactive approach reduces energy consumption, enabling a much smaller carbon footprint.

Apart from their reliability and range of battery sizes (6V, 8V, and 12V), we enjoy our relationship with Trojan Batteries. Because like us, they aim to deliver the latest technologies direct to their customers. Good performance—on the golf course, to boot—and minimal maintenance: who could ask for more?

Golf Carts Are Not Just For The Golf Course

Hotels and holiday resorts use them. Theme parks with an extensive network of pathways use them; so do stadium facilities, shopping centres, and airports. In situations where walking is not feasible and a more powerful vehicle not suitable, golf carts are just right.

They are a handy way to get around. Remember that with many of the models available, some seats fold back to allow for additional luggage and other loads.

To get up to speed on the latest news on golf carts and golf cart suppliers, please read posts on our blog. If you have any questions at all that we can help you with contact us and we’ll be happy to do so.