Electric Shuttles for Sale: A Helpful Buying Guide

electric shuttles for saleEvery non-electric car, bus, and shuttle releases around 4.6 metric tons of CO2 into the air each year. Whether we realize it or not, we are suffocating our planet with combustible engines. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Electric vehicles are the key to reducing the amount of carbon we put into the air. Businesses that make active efforts toward eco-friendly tech show that they care not only about the planet, but their customers too.

If you operate a zoo, mall, airport, resort, farm, or stadium, then you know the importance of transporting people through the property.

We’ll always need to drive certain people around, but we can do it in ways that lead toward a clean energy future.

In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the best electric shuttles for sale. But first, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of owning one of the vehicles.

Pros of Electric Shuttles

Saving the environment is a big incentive for owning an electric shuttle. But, it’s not the only reason your business should get one. Here are just a few of the benefits that come from owning an electric shuttle:

  • It reduces noise pollution
  • You don’t need to pay for gas
  • They’re easier to maintain
  • Your business gains an eco-friendly reputation
  • They reduce health risks

If you need more proof of the benefits that come with owning an electric vehicle, then check out some of our favourite perks.

Different Types of Electric Shuttles for Sale

So you decided to get an electrical shuttle cart for your place of business?


You’ve taken the first step toward creating a more environmentally-sound transportation system. But how do you know which model suits your specific needs?

Size is one of the more critical considerations. A small shopping mall will have different capacity need than a large resort. But, it’s also crucial to look at the technical information.

Luckily, we’ve assembled this buyer’s guide so you can compare some important model information at a glance.

BOSS 6 Seat Electric Shuttle

The BOSS 6 Seat Electric Shuttle is the smallest of the electric shuttles, but don’t let its size fool you. The transport still packs a punch.

You can reach speeds of 25 kilometres per hour, all while carrying up to 640 kilograms of weight. The dynamic nature of the product makes it quiet so that you won’t disturb any bystanders with noise pollution.

If you live in an area with frequent rain, then you should consider adding the weather curtains. These block out rain and debris caused by wind. We recommend it for locations like campgrounds, golf courses, zoos, sporting events.

  • Motor: 8-volt DC motor
  • Charger: 25 amp Delta-Q charger
  • Batteries: Eight 6-volt Trojan batteries
  • Controller: 48-volt Curtis controller
  • Seating capacity: 6

BOSS 8 Seat Electric Shuttle

The BOSS 8 Seat Electric Shuttle is one of the more customizable shuttles on the list. First, you get to choose between a variety of colours, including red, white, green, pink, silver, black, and yellow.

You can also select add-ons like a loudspeaker, music player, alloy wheels, power steering, weather enclosure, and front disc brakes. The steering on the BOSS 8 Seat Electric Shuttle makes it ideal for navigating tight spaces and turns.

The shuttle can carry 1,130 kilograms of weight while travelling 28 kilometres per hour. We recommend it for locations like college grounds, stadiums, and indoor airports.

  • Motor: 48-volt 4 kilowatt DC motor
  • Charger: 48-volt 25 amp Delta-Q charger
  • Batteries: Eight 6-volt Trojan batteries
  • Controller: 48-volt Curtis controller
  • Seating capacity: 8

BOSS 11 Seat Electric Resort Shuttle

The medium-sized seating arrangement of the shuttle makes it ideal for larger resorts. The vehicle can reach speeds of 45 kilometres per hour, with a max load of 880 kilograms.

If you want to provide wheelchair access for people with disabilities, you can purchase a special version of the 11 seat model.

This handicap-friendly version comes with a lift and a 1.2-metre x 1.2-metre wheelchair area. We recommend this model for places that frequently need wheelchair access: airports, theme parks, and resorts.

  • Motor: 48-volt 5 kilowatt DC motor
  • Charger: 72-volt 25 amp Delta-Q charger
  • Batteries: Twelve 6-volt Trojan T-105 batteries
  • Controller: 8-volt 350 amp Curtis controller
  • Seating capacity: 11

BOSS 14 Seat Electric Shuttle

If speed is essential to you, then look no further than the BOSS 14 Seat Electric Shuttle. The vehicle can reach speeds of 45 kilometres per hour with a 1,120-kilogram maximum load.

The individual seating on this model offers exceptional comfort for any riders. If you want a more whimsical version of the 14 seat shuttle, then you can purchase the dolphin-themed cart.

This version features an exterior design that looks like a smiling fish. It makes a great addition to water parks, zoos, and coastal city malls.

  • Motor: 5 kilowatts DC motor
  • Charger: 110-240-volt Delta-Q charger
  • Batteries: Twelve 6-volt Trojan T-105 batteries
  • Controller: 8-volt 350 amp Curtis controller
  • Seating capacity: 14

BOSS 23 Seat Electric Shuttle

If you need to transport a lot of people quickly, then the BOSS 23 Seat Electric Shuttle is your solution. The vehicle can hold a massive 1,750 kilograms without compromising its 25 kilometres per hour speed.

The shuttle is slow and steady and can handle tight turns despite its significant size. The company even sells upgrades that can make the shuttle street legal.

We highly recommend it for large theme parks, military bases, and airports.

  • Motor: 51-volt AC motor
  • Charger: 110-240-volt Delta-Q charger
  • Batteries: Twelve 6-volt Trojan T-105 batteries
  • Controller: 8-volt 350 amp Curtis controller
  • Seating capacity: 23

Start Ordering Your Electric Shuttle Today

New electric tools are one of the key ways businesses can help promote a clean future. Whether it involves buying a bus that runs on electricity, or a shuttle that does the same, every drop in the bucket counts.

There are plenty of electric shuttles for sale out there, but not all of them offer the performance and capacity of BOSS models.

If you decide that one of these shuttles fits your needs, then make sure to check out our product page. Call today so you can start saving money and the environment.

The Future is Green: E Transit and the Rise of the Electric Bus

The world’s electric vehicles will grow from 3 million to 125 million by the year 2030, according to the International Energy Agency.

When you think about the electric vehicle revolution, you probably think of personal vehicles.

However, the e-bus revolution is equally important for the green future of our transport system.

Many of the biggest problems in our urban space, such as congestion, poor air quality, and greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by switching to e transit.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the rise of the electric bus and e transit.

All aboard the e-bus – Let’s go!

Why We Need Change?

There are several reasons why we need to change our transport system, and the broader economy, in Australia and around the world.

Let’s consider some of the most important reasons together.

Climate Change

The United Nations (UN) says that climate change is the “challenge of our generation“. We have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent the worse consequences of global warming.

What is the biggest cause of greenhouse gas emissions?

The burning of fossil fuels is the single greatest source of emissions, such as coal, oil, and gas. Much of the energy produced via fossil fuels is directed toward the world’s transport sector.

In Australia, transport contributes around 15% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. However, this figure is significantly higher in other countries around the world.

Concerningly, Australia continues to break records for higher greenhouse gas emissions each year. Other countries are making progress toward sustainability, and yet it appears that Australia is falling behind.

If you want to find out more about Australia should do to fight climate change, check out this article.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is destroying our health, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). This is especially the case with diesel engines, which produce particulate matter (PM). This substance is extremely harmful to human health.

What’s the biggest cause of air pollution around in urban areas? Of course, it’s the exhaust fumes produced by cars and other vehicles on our roads.

According to researchers, over 3,000 premature deaths in Australia are as a result of urban air pollution. Some of the biggest cities in the country are particularly polluted, such as Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

The History of E-Vehicles

You probably only started hearing about e-vehicles over the past few years. However, did you know that e-vehicles were invented over 100 years ago?

It’s not possible to say the exact date or country in which the e-vehicle was invented. Instead, there are several important breakthroughs around the world.

The origins can be traced back to the Netherlands, the U.S., and Hungary in which inventors started to experiment with battery-powered vehicles.

And yet, back in 1900, over a third of vehicles on the road in the U.S. were powered by electricity.

However, the rise was cut short by the widespread growth of the motor vehicle which became the most popular form of transport in the 20th century, especially among the middle-classes.

Back in the early 20th century, the performance of battery-powered vehicles was so dependent on the climate and weather; they were unreliable.

Nowadays, electric buses can run for up to 200km after a single charge, making them ideal for urban environments.

The Benefits of E-Transit

Let’s list some of the top advantages and reasons why people want to see more e-buses in our cities.

1. Better Air Quality

As we already established, air pollution generated from diesel and gas vehicles (the choice of fuel from old buses) has become a health crisis around the world.

Air pollution is especially a problem with diesel-powered buses. Buses travel around the urban environment at a slow speed throughout the day making them particularly high pollutants.

By switching to e-transit vehicles, cities can significantly reduce the problem of air pollution which plague many places in Australia.

2. Improve the Image of the City

Nowadays, every city is a brand in itself.

People don’t want to visit or live in a city which is famous for air pollution and a poor environmental record.

Instead, people want to be able to spend time in cities famous for their green credentials.

If city governments want to make a real difference in people’s lives, switching to e-transit is a great way to achieve this.

3. Cheaper Than Diesel or Gas

We all know that the price of gasoline fluctuates all the time. Usually, this depends on geopolitics.

However, electrical-powered vehicles are not subject to the same changes.  By switching to e-transit, you’re safer from oil price hikes which can put a hole in the transport budget.

The savings of e-transit are also even greater because buses are used over four times as much as the average personal vehicle.

4. Lower Maintenance Costs

In addition to the price of fuel, you also make savings from the lower maintenance costs.

In contrast to internal combustion engines, e-vehicles have fewer parts. As a result, the probability of problems occurring with your e-buses is reduced substantially.

Moreover, the costs of operating and maintaining your fleet of buses are lower too. Financially this makes it a no-brainer for cities.

Until recently, many people have been put off e-buses because of the upfront investment costs of dumping older buses for new electric ones.

However, just as China did with solar panels, the investments in e-buses have seen the price tumble down recently. Therefore, the excuse that it’s costly no longer holds water.

5. Better Experience for Pedestrians and Passengers

While air pollution may be a bigger problem, noise pollution is also an issue for many urban centres.

There are laws and regulations to control noise pollution in Australia’s cities. And yet, you can’t escape the fact that combustion engines are very noisy.

By contrast, electric buses are nearly silent improving the experience both for the passengers on-board and the pedestrians and other street users.

Other benefits of e-buses include the fact that they’re closer to the ground and more spacious.

Imagine getting on a larger bus which glides silents along the road. Wouldn’t it be better than the noisy chunky buses we have today?

Who’s Leading the Way?

Now we know about why e-buses are so great for our urban environments, let’s check out who’s leading the way.

1. Shenzhen, China

China gets a bad rap for urban air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

However, it’s essential to also know about the recent developments in Chinese cities which are making the Asian economy into a leader in electric vehicles.

Since 1980, Shenzhen has grown from a city with a population of 30,000 people to one with over 12 million. This rapid expansion has come with extremely damaging air pollution driven by diesel engines.

Shenzhen’s bus transit system was only 0.5 per cent of the vehicles on the roads in the city; however, they represented more than 20 per cent of the total pollution.

So, Shenzhen electrified over 16,000 buses over a matter of a few years. How was this achieved?

Through massive government subsidies and political willpower, Shenzhen in Southern China is the first city in the world with an electrified bus fleet.

2. Los Angeles, U.S.

Los Angeles, U.S. is another city making electrical waves with their bus fleet. L.A. has the second-largest bus fleet in the country.

They have promised to electrify by the year 2030. This target may not be as ambitious as Shenzhen, or other Chinese cities, but it’s still impressive.

They have already ordered over 95 new battery-electric buses (BEBs) with the option to purchase many more down the line.

Mayor Eric Garcetti is also a supporter of the transition to electric buses.

He told L.A. Times, “We have two choices. We can wait for others, and follow, at the expense of residents’ health – or lead and innovate, and reduce emissions as quickly as possible”. He adds, “I’d much rather do the latter”.

Meanwhile in Australia

While the world’s biggest cities are steamrolling ahead with electric buses, sadly Australia is lagging.

There are positives. Many cities are introducing trials with e-transit technology.

The South Australian government made $2 million available for investments in electric buses. Moreover, the city of Perth has led the way toward electric and automated vehicles.

The good news is that there are apparently “plans to roll them out across the country”, according to one report. But, as of yet, unfortunately, this has not materialised.

How E Transit is the Green Future

Now you know how e-transit is going to drive us forward towards the green future.

As the world’s cities continue to transition to electric vehicles and e transit, Australia lags in the slow lane.

If you want to discover more about the benefits of electric vehicles, check out our blog here.

Recent Electric Bus Models and How They’ll Solve City Problems

Did you know that the Chinese city of Shenzhen has become the world’s first city to electrify one hundred per cent of its buses?

Who is the next one to follow? You’ve probably already noticed the growing number of electric vehicles around. But, you may not have seen the electric bus revolution yet.

It’s time to check out how electric vehicles can solve many of the biggest problems which our cities face. Keep reading this article to discover more about how electric buses are going to change our cities. Let’s go!

Electric Buses are Changing Cities

Many people are looking to alternative types of transportation.

That’s because governments around the world are preparing to transition from the production of fossil fuel energy vehicles.

Although switching to the electrification of private cars is a significant improvement. Not everyone can afford to own a car.

That’s why a growing number of people are talking about the benefits of electrical bus models as the future of public transport.

According to the World Economic Forum, by the year 2025 around half of the total number of buses worldwide will be run on electricity.

For a long time, petrol and diesel fuelled engines have been the norm among city bus models. But, times are increasingly changing as municipal governments around the world are switching to electric powered buses.

It’s not hard to see why many cities are adopting electric bus models. There are several problems which continue to pose challenges for city governments.

And yet, the electric bus development represents an opportunity to overcome many of the issues that have plagued cities for decades. Let’s discover more!

1. The Urbanisation of the World’s Population

According to the United Nations, nearly 70 per cent of the world’s population will be living in cities by the year 2050.

With so many people populating the world’s cities, it’s just not feasible anymore for people to travel around the urban environment in individual vehicles.

Currently, in many of the most congested cities, it requires double the time to reach your destination via road car.

It doesn’t matter whether the vehicles are electrified or powered by petrol or diesel; there are too many vehicles on the roads.

The carrying capacity of cars is usually a maximum of 5 people. However, cars rarely operate at full capacity.

By contrast, buses can carry up to 200 passengers at the same time. Therefore, by promoting bus models, cities can reduce congestion significantly.

2. Climate Change

Climate change is the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere, which is mostly due to the large-scale burning of fossil fuels. The consequences of which include massive flooding, severe droughts, and extreme poverty.

According to the United Nations, humanity has only 12 years to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Furthermore, the world’s biggest cities have an essential role to play in the fight against climate change, according to C40 cities.

That’s because much of the world’s population lives in cities, but also because cities are particularly vulnerable. Over 90 per cent of cities are coastal, and thus, at risk of sea level rises.

So, how can cities significantly reduce the carbon emissions generated from human activities?

According to research, transportation accounts for over 20 per cent of the world’s global greenhouse emissions. Therefore, by reducing the emissions of city transport systems, we can make meaningful climate change progress.

By switching to electric bus models, cities have the opportunity to reduce emissions significantly. That’s because electric vehicles emit approximately 50 per cent fewer emissions compared with diesel engines.

3. Air Pollution

There are many contributors to air pollution in our cities. These include industry and the burning of fossil fuels.

And yet, the most significant cause of polluted air is diesel engines. The diesel engines generate a particulate matter which is the primary pollutant in the urban atmosphere.

The problem is so significant now that, according to the World Health Organisation, over 90 per cent of the world’s population is breathing in polluted air at the moment.

Why does this matter? Air pollution has been found to have numerous harmful effects on human health including everything from an increased risk of cancer and respiratory illnesses.

Although air pollution doesn’t directly result in death, there is strong evidence that it cuts shorts millions of people’s lives. One study showed that air pollution reduces the life expectancy of the world’s average by approximately two years.

By switching to electric bus models, cities could significantly reduce the amount of pollution in the city air, a significant step towards a cleaner future.

4. Noise Pollution

Although the media attention around air pollution is necessary, another kind of pollution is often ignored – noise pollution!

According to the World Health Organisation, noise pollution can result in hearing loss, cognitive impairment, cardiovascular illnesses, as well as, increased stress and depression. Therefore, noise pollution is heavily impacting the quality of life.

Although noise pollution doesn’t directly impact human health as significantly as air pollution, it has been found to worsen many health conditions, for instance, heart problems.

This information has caused people to ask – how loud is too loud?

According to experts, any sound over 60 decibels could increase human risk of heart disease and other health problems. In perspective, the average car sound output is around 70 decibels.

When it comes to electric buses, and other electric vehicles, the problem is rather than they’re too quiet. The majority of electric buses produce almost no sound at all.

In light of the damaging effects of noise pollution, the problem of too much quiet is an excellent problem to have for many cities.

5. Cost-effective

Many people who are opposed to the adoption of electric buses concentrate on the cost of the vehicles up front.

It’s true that the cost of the vehicles can be more expensive. Electric bus vehicles can cost between $200,000 and $300,000. However, what opponents don’t tell you is that there’s more to the story than it this.

Although the upfront costs are expensive, electricity is always cheaper than either petrol or diesel. Therefore, according to studies, switching to electric bus models could reduce the cost of fuel by up to 70 per cent of cities around the world.

Additionally, the cost of maintenance of the vehicles is more affordable, which would almost halve the expenses for the upkeep of the buses.

Furthermore, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the most expensive electric bus can save over USD$130,000 over fifteen years compared with conventional petrol and diesel-powered buses.

And guess what? These are “worst case scenarios”. The money saved by switching to electric bus models could be significantly more than such estimates.

As the number of cities in the world adopting electric bus models grows over time, the price is expected to fall dramatically subsequently.

6. Electric Buses Make us Happier

People who commute to work may complain about the crowds of people. Despite this, studies show that people who get the bus or train to work are happier than driving.

We can also assume that electric buses further contribute to well-being. Why is this?

Well, it’s incredible to think about how much space diesel engines require. Because of this, the amount of space available in traditional buses are significantly more restricted compared with electric buses.

Therefore, since electric vehicles are lower to the ground and provide much more room, they make for an improved experience.

7. Energy Security

The Australian government often speaks of the importance of energy security. As a result, Australia has continued to support the burning of fossil fuels, especially coal.

However, imports of petroleum support the Australian transport system, therefore securing oil supply is the cornerstone of every administration. 

And yet, the emergence of electric bus models provides Australia with an opportunity for energy security. We already know that Australia is “an untapped solar superpower“.

By switching to electric buses which are powered by renewable energy sources, especially solar and wind energy, Australia could significantly reduce its reliance on oil and coal.

The Future of the Electric Bus?

The world’s cities face numerous political, economic and environmental problems.

Even though the introduction of the electric bus into urban areas is not a magic pill, it’s a sign of a brighter and cleaner environment in which people can live.

Now when someone asks you why there are so many electric buses around your city, you can tell them – it’s because they’re going to solve many of our problems.

If you want to find out more about switching to an electric vehicle, or other ways to fight climate change check out our blog today!

What Shuttle Bus Manufacturers Need to Know About the EZ10 Driverless Shuttle

Imagine jumping on a shuttle at an airport, inside an amusement park, or even on an industrial site and having it take you from point A to point B without relying on a driver.

It almost sounds too good to be true, right?

But it might not be too much longer before this scenario becomes a reality. You could find it playing out at airports, amusement parks, and other places all around the world.

The EZ10 driverless shuttle from EasyMile is changing the way people get around in certain parts of Europe, North America, and the Middle East. And, it could force many shuttle bus manufacturers to rethink their whole approach to creating shuttles.

Take a closer look at the EZ10 driverless shuttle and all it has to offer below.

What Is EasyMile?

Before we begin talking about the EZ10 driverless shuttle, let’s take a minute to talk about EasyMile. It’s the company that created the shuttle in the first place.

Founded in 2014, EasyMile has its headquarters in France. The company has committed to creating autonomous vehicle technology and using it manufacture vehicles like the EZ10 driverless shuttle that can carry both passengers and goods.

As the company’s name would suggest, EasyMile is devoted to coming up with mobility solutions for those looking to travel “the last mile.” That is to say that they’re focused on creating shuttle buses and other autonomous vehicles that operate over short distances.

EasyMile currently employs more than 100 people who specialise in fields like robotics and computer vision.

What Is the EZ10 Driverless Shuttle?

Now that you know a little bit more about EasyMile let’s discuss what makes the EZ10 driverless shuttle so unique. There’s a reason why it’s caught the attention of more than a few shuttle bus manufacturers out there.

The EZ10 driverless shuttle is an electric vehicle that runs on a lithium-ion battery that will last for up to 14 hours. The battery can be recharged overnight in approximately 8 hours.

The shuttle is designed to carry up to 10 people at a time. It has six seats inside of it and can also accommodate four standing passengers. Additionally, it’s capable of providing transportation for at least one person in a wheelchair.

The EZ10 driverless shuttle moves autonomously thanks to all of the technology that EaysMile has crammed inside of it. It has a GPS tracking system, a collision detection system, a visual guidance system, and EasyMile’s patented SLAM technology.

These features work in unison to allow the EZ10 to travel from one point to another without the use of a human driver.

How Do EZ10 Driverless Shuttles Work?

Does the idea of climbing onto a shuttle bus that doesn’t have a driver scare you? Your fears should subside once you understand how the EZ10 driverless shuttle works.

The EZ10 driverless shuttle does not just take off once passengers climb aboard and go wherever it wants. Instead, it travels along a predetermined route to get people where they need to go safely.

On that route, there are a series of sensors that allow for the EZ10 to “read” the road. The shuttle has a pair of on-board cameras that communicate with these sensors to keep it moving forward towards its final destination.

The EZ10 also relies on a surveying method called LIDAR and an onboard computer to keep tabs on everything that’s going on around it.

So if, for example, a vehicle or pedestrian is in front of it, the EZ10 will be able to “see” that it’s there and adjust accordingly. It can move faster, slower, or even stop based entirely on what’s happening on its route.

Where Could They Potentially Be Used?

One of the very first EZ10 driverless shuttles was put into operation in the Netherlands in between a rail station and a university campus.

Since then, EasyMile has branched out and tried to show how valuable the EZ10 could be in a variety of different settings. EZ10 shuttles are currently being used in an office park in California, on a college campus in Taiwan, and on the open road in countries like Finland and England.

But the possibilities are endless when it comes to where the EZ10 could be working in the future. It could potentially find a home in places like resorts, amusement parks, health centres, commercial properties, and so much more.

Will They Change the Shuttle Bus Industry?

In the coming years, it won’t be surprising at all to see the EZ10 and other driverless shuttles showing up in more and more places.

When that happens, shuttle bus manufacturers aren’t going to be able to ignore the trend. It could very well shake up the entire shuttle bus industry. It will force manufacturers to go back to the drawing board to create driverless shuttles of their own.

Outside of the fact that driverless shuttles are convenient, they’re also proving to be good for the environment. They’re electric, which means they produce fewer emissions than ordinary shuttles do. It also means they could conceivably reduce the congestion that exists in many cities all around the world.

It remains to be seen how shuttle-bus manufacturers will react to the EZ10. But it’s safe to say that they will have to consider at least the possibility of producing driverless shuttles to compete with the one EasyMile has created.

Why Shuttle Bus Manufacturers Should Use the EZ10 for Inspiration

The most exciting part about the EZ10 driverless shuttle is that it’s still relatively new. It’s only been around for a few years and is still undergoing testing in many countries across the world.

That means it could end up being even more beneficial than we all think it could be.

Shuttle bus manufacturers should make sure they’re monitoring the successes and failures of the EZ10. It could help them create more successful driverless shuttle models as we move forward.

Check out our blog to learn more about the fantastic electric vehicles that are coming every day.

Everything you need to know about the Electric Taxis at the Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is not merely one of the world’s largest retail centres – it is a leader in innovation and design. It is also a large, sprawling complex covering a lot of ground. BOSS, a market leader in electric vehicle technology, designed the perfect transportation solution to ensure guests get the most out of their visit to The Mall – the electric taxi. We bring you everything you need to know about these electric taxis and how they improve the guest experience at The Mall – and how these taxis may benefit your own business.

Why Taxis 

You may be wondering how indoor taxis and an electric taxi can be of benefit in a mall area. But aside from fostering the mobility of the elderly and infirm, taxis are popular with anyone trying to get from one side of The Mall to another. Whether guests are moving from the shopping zones to the cinema, or from the aquarium to the skating rink, taxis are just a phone call away.

Classic, retro, stylish – these are just some of the words which come to mind when you think of this model. Elegant and timeless, these four and six-seater vehicles fit in seamlessly with the look and culture of The Dubai Mall. Key features include:

  • Climbing ability with reliable hill parking
  • The sophisticated rear braking system
  • Custom colour and design option
  • Smart steering, for easy navigation around a mall area and heavy pedestrian zones
  • Seamless, quiet travel
  • Optional roof features
  • Comfortable interior for guest relaxation
  • Handles for safety while entering, using and leaving the vehicle
  • Excellent visibility so users can immerse themselves in The Dubai Mall experience while feeling like royalty

The BOSS Classic Electric Car is designed for golf resorts, shopping centres and sightseeing destinations where sensitive steering and braking is paramount, making them an ideal choice for the growing popularity of indoor taxis.

Benefits of BOSS Electric Technology

If taxis are continually moving through an enclosed space throughout the day, they need to be eco-friendly and safe. BOSS, a leading developer of electric motor vehicles, provides a real solution to a growing problem. Their electric technology means:

  • Less time to ‘refuel’ or recharge the vehicle
  • Safe, lower speeds for pedestrian areas
  • Less noise and fewer vibrations
  • Bright, sleek designs
  • Greater reliability and durability

The BOSS Classic Electric Car combines the head-turning style of the past with the carbon-friendly design of the future. More generally, electric taxis like these are in keeping with the move towards a Smart Dubai. Given how well-established BOSS is in the electric motor vehicle industry, their vehicles are a natural choice to add to any taxi fleet where the environment is a priority.

About BOSS

BOSS Electric Vehicles was established in 2018 and is now a leading provider of electric vehicles. BOSS is a market leader in the development, research and design of electric vehicles worldwide.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest retail and entertainment centre. Located in the Downtown Dubai area, the Mall boasts 1200 retail outlets and over 200 food and beverage outlets. Luxury fashion sits alongside entertainment facilities such as an Olympic-sized ice rink, children’s entertainment, a cinema complex and the world-class Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Further growth is planned to the Mall which is already the world leader in combining retail, dining and entertainment experiences.


EZ TAXI provides innovative, eco-friendly transport services across Dubai. Taxi services run daily; however, availability and pricing vary – see their website for up to date information.

Contact Us

All Electric Vehicles is the official importer and distributor of BOSS Electric Vehicles across Australia and Asia. We have impressive industry experience, and our friendly team can help you select the perfect vehicle for any purpose – from taxis to resort shuttles. Contact us now to see how we can help

If you own a resort, our exclusive range of electric housekeeping carts provides exceptional quality at competitive prices. And we deliver worldwide.

Check out these Electric Shuttles at the Miss World Pageant

One of the world’s largest manufacturers reminded everyone why they are a leading provider of electric shuttles when they showcased their stunning Dolphin Car at the Miss World Pageant in 2017.

The 67th Miss World Pageant, which took place on 18 November 2017 at Sanya City Arena, drew much attention from tourists and locals alike. Making it the perfect setting for showing off these innovative, custom vehicles. We take a look at what makes these electric shuttles, particularly the Dolphin Car, so impressive, and why you should add them to your fleet.

Key Features

Part of BOSS’s growing fleet of resort cars, the 14-seater Dolphin Car is perfect for moving guests around in leisure and comfort. The Dolphin electric shuttles boast:

  • An attractive, timeless frame and colour scheme which is fully customizable to individual needs
  • A rustproof body which retains the look of the vehicle for longer
  • Front and rear lighting, rearview mirrors and electric horn to promote safe navigation through a resort area
  • Lower noise and fewer vibrations than an electric vehicle
  • Accessible modification to vehicles, if required
  • A small turning radius for convenient travel around resort areas
  • Smart steering and safety features
  • An independent parking brake and state-of-the-art hydraulic braking system
  • A CE certificate for whole parts
  • Innovative batteries and controllers imported from the USA to improve power and drivability

Eye-catching and modern, these sleek electric shuttles are sure to impress in any resort or entertainment centre. They are comfortable and come with safety features such as handrails, making them attractive for children and families.

High visibility ensures guests travelling on these shuttle buses will not miss out on sightseeing and enjoying their trip. It also provides special guests, such as Miss World contestants, are easily visible to crowds and fans.

Where to Use Electric Shuttles

The Dolphin Car, just like all of the electric shuttles designed by BOSS, is versatile and customisable. These shuttles are particularly useful in:

  • Hotel resorts
  • Spas
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Theme parks
  • Golf courses
  • Airports
  • Government bases

You can use electric shuttle buses like these anywhere guests are moving from one place to another, such as during a sightseeing tour, for their comfort and convenience. For example, during Miss World, the Dolphin Car fleet generally transported the contestants and their assistants from one location to another. The fun and smart design only added to the entertainment experience.

Why go for Electric Shuttles

While Australia has been slower than the rest of the world at embracing electric vehicle technology, the trend is changing. Aside from the financial incentives available for electric vehicle ownership, going electric has other key benefits:

  • Reduced registration fees and duty
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced traffic noise
  • Reduce air pollution and omissions
  • Efficiency

Given that low-carbon, eco-friendly vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, adding electric vehicles to your fleet is a sure way to impress customers and clients. The world trend is moving towards reducing omissions – get ahead of the curve today.

Established in 2018, BOSS is now the critical provider of electric carts to the Miss World Pageant. A market leader in the development, research, and design of electric vehicles worldwide, they supplied 18 carts for use at the Miss World Pageant in 2017, the majority of which were the Dolphin Car.

Are you interested in purchasing a stunning shuttle bus for your eco-friendly business? As the official importer and distributor of BOSS Electric Vehicles across Australia, All Electric Vehicles can help you select and purchase the perfect electric vehicle for any purpose – from resort shuttles to golf carts. Contact us now to see how we can help.

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