About Us

All Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd are importers and distributors of a variety of unique golf carts and low-speed electric vehicles crafted by some of the world's leading manufacturers of low-speed electric vehicles. 

Our Mission


As a small, privately held Australian based company founded in 2016, we aim to provide exceptional products, value and service to individuals seeking electric utility and electric shuttle vehicles for private use and industries that require multiple electric vehicles or fleets for commercial use. Our vehicles are efficient, attractive and affordable; they deliver reliable performance and help protect the environment through greener operation. 

Our Products


We've carefully selected our personal and industrial product lines to include machines that make everyday living and routine work operations more straightforward and more efficient. At All-Electric Vehicles, we have an ideal solution for your every private or commercial electric vehicle need. 

Golf Carts


Our range of new electric golf carts and low-speed electric vehicles provide everything you need for quietly navigating the golf course and making your way around your golf course community. Choose from two, four, six and eight seat models in your choice of brilliant colours. All of our golf carts come with a one year warranty.

Utility Carts


Our unique range of electric utility vehicles are perfect for maintaining gardens, parks, hotel grounds, stadiums, resorts and retail centres. We also offer a distinctive range of specialised electric vehicles that can serve as fire, police, ambulance and even food and beverage service carts. 

All of our utility carts come with a one year warranty.

Electric Shuttle Vehicles


Electric Shuttle Vehicles are ideal for moving crowds efficiently through theme parks, airports, stadiums and more. Our low-emission electric shuttle vehicle selection includes models that can accommodate between eight and twenty-three passengers, and all are backed by our one year warranty.

Why Do We Believe in Going Electric?

Environmentally progressive companies aren't just helping to preserve the planet; their efforts to go green can improve work environments, boost productivity and increase profits. Our golf carts and low-speed electric vehicles are quieter, cleaner and less expensive to run, and they make both work and recreational environments more pleasant by eliminating the distractions of smelly emissions and irritating noise levels. Because they dramatically reduce energy costs, electric vehicles boost a company's bottom line and keep more money in a consumer's wallet. We're committed to providing tools to help both casual drivers and booming industries transition to a more sustainable existence while enjoying the superior performance of our quality vehicles. 

Quality Service and Support Is Our Promise 

All Electric Vehicles is a company driven by integrity; we stand by our customers and our products. We are committed to providing an experience that surpasses your expectations on every level. We value open communication and provide education as well as support; our experienced staff will promptly address your questions and concerns, and our helpful newsletter will keep you in touch with the latest developments in the world of electric vehicles. 

Delivery Options:

We provide a range of convenient delivery options to meet the specific requirements and locations of our clients. Our vehicles can be shipped partially or fully assembled, so no matter where you are, you can enjoy the benefits of any of our exceptional range of golf carts, electric utility vehicles, electric shuttles, or one of our specialised low-speed electric vehicles!

Contact Us to Learn More

At All Electric Vehicles, we're always eager and ready to help our valued clients find the perfect electric vehicles to meet their personal and business needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions regarding our website, products, business policies, warranties and shipping options.