• Marshell DG-C2+2 Electric Golf Carts

Marshell DG-C2+2 Golf Cart

  • $7,499

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When it comes to golf carts, Marshell is the new kid on the block, but that certainly says nothing about the effort put into the design and detail of its innovative and attractive vehicles. Even the company’s most basic golf cart, the DG-C2 rides and handles like a buggy twice its price. Marshell now offers an updated version with all of the same qualities of its iconic model, but the DG-C2+2 gives you room for four people rather than two.

Expand to Four Seats

The Marshell DG-C2+2 is a minimalist golf cart with a sleek profile that is easy to operate, handles great and provides enough room for four players and their bags. The body is solid and treated with a protective, glossy finish in your choice of colors, and the front-facing and rear-facing bench seats are ergonomic and cushioned for maximum comfort. In addition, the frame is made of corrosion-resistant steel, and the floor is constructed of durable stamped steel for strength and traction.

Range & Speed

At 70 to 80 kilometers, the DG-C2+2 has an above-average range, and the all-electric DC motor and 275-amp Curtis controller gives it a top speed of 24 kmh. In addition, it can climb slopes with up to 30 percent grades, which is about 10 percent more than most.

Suspension and Performance

The DG-C2+2 has an improved suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride on level or bumpy surfaces, and the rack-and-pinion steering is tight and responsive. Acceleration is always smooth, and the regenerative braking recharges the batteries even at near-zero speeds and can stop the buggy completely in less than 4.5 meters.

Optional Accessories

The golf-bag attachments are a standard feature of the DG-C2+2, but you can customize this golf cart with a choice of factory-direct accessories. Add a lighting system, side mirrors and seatbelts for safety, or attach sunshades and a full weather enclosure to keep passengers dry and comfortable. Other options include a caddy cooler, CD player and cargo box.

On or Off the Golf Course

Don’t think that just because the DG-C2+2 was designed for the links that it has to be kept there. This sturdy and reliable LSV can serve a number of different purposes, including personal transportation, commercial or industrial utility work or a convenience shuttle for guests and clients. It is perfect for sporting events, parks, amusement parks, airports and anywhere you need to transport people quickly and quietly.


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