Fairway Alloys 12x7 FA138 Black Battle on 225x35x12 EFX Lo-Pro Tyres

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This full wheel and tire kit include one complete set of Fairway Alloys FA138 Battle wheels mounted onto one set of 225x35x12 EFX Lo-Pro tires. It includes all accessories required for professional installation onto your low-speed electric vehicle (LSV) or golf cart.

Beneficial combinations of metal and other elements go into making alloy wheels. The resulting product is a stronger and more durable material that provides superior structural and aesthetic benefits for low-speed vehicle owners. A new set of our alloys will give any LSV or golf cart a stylish makeover that lasts for years and makes it more fun to drive.

Why Do Quality Tires and Wheels Matter?

Everyone knows that a new set of alloys and quality tires makes your vehicle look nicer, but it’s about far more than aesthetics. New tires and wheels keep you safe on the road or the golf course, and they help make the ride smooth and consistent. Your LSV or golf cart may not reach high speeds, but it can be risky to drive at any speed with worn or damaged tires. Lost tread may not provide the traction needed to manoeuvre your vehicle safely in difficult road conditions or on natural terrain. To keep your drive safer and more predictable, check and replace your wheels and tires at appropriate intervals. Choosing the right tires for your cart is a matter of respect and courtesy. Wheel and tire sets that are designed for use on golf carts feature the proper tread space to provide traction while preventing damage to the fairway. Our Fairway Alloys wheel and tire sets give your cart what it needs to ensure your safety so that you can stay focused on the game.

Order and Warranty Information

Each full wheel and tire kit comes with a lifetime structural wheel warranty and a one-year wheel finish warranty. A lift kit is not needed for installation.

Complete Wheel and Tire Kit Includes:

  • One Installation Kit (valve stems, lugs nuts, socket)
  • Four custom wheel caps
  • Four 12x7 Fairway Alloys FA138 Battle wheels
  • Four 225x35x12 EFX Lo-Pro Tires

Additional Wheel Specifications: 

  • Brand: Fairway Alloys
  • Wheel Finish: Flat Black Paint
  • Wheel Dimensions: 12x7
  • Wheel Offset: -47mm
  • Wheel Cap: Snap-on
Additional Tire Specifications:

  • Tire Brand: EFX Performance Tires
  • Engineering: Turf rated, low profile sidewall

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