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What Are the Advantages of Electric Golf Carts?

Geoff brand 23/04/2018 0
Golf often requires carrying lots of heavy equipment around. In the absence of a caddy, you may want to consider a golf cart. Whether you're runnin
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Check out these Electric Shuttles at the Miss World Pagea

Geoff brand 10/04/2018 0
Marshell, one of the world's largest electric shuttle bus manufacturers, reminded everyone why they are a leading provider of low-speed electric ve
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Everything you need to know about the Electric Taxis at t

Geoff brand 08/04/2018 0
The Dubai Mall is not simply one of the world's largest retail centres - it is a leader in innovation and design. It is also a large, sprawling com
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Everything You Need to Know about the Jaguar I-Pace

Geoff brand 12/03/2018 0
Jaguar’s first electric car, the I-PACE will rival Tesla’s previously-unparalleled dominance of the high-end electric car market. Undoubtedly one o
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Will the SA Government be the First to offer EV Incentive

Geoff brand 28/02/2018 0
Continuing its ongoing commitment to reducing carbon emissions, the Labour government of South Australia has proposed electric vehicle incentives f
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