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Australia Post Begins Electric Vehicle Delivery Trial

Geoff brand 23/03/2017 0
Starting March 20, 2017, Australia Post began using electric utility carts to serve routes in Hobart, Tasmania on a trial basis. Five new three-whe
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Did Electric Car Sales in the USA Just Increase by 59 Per

Geoff brand 09/02/2017 1
The average U.S. driver may spend up to $4,000 on gasoline every year, so the most alluring benefit of owning electric cars is obvious; they donít
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Marshell Start the New Year with Ten New Golf Cart Models

Geoff brand 07/02/2017 1
The world's largest manufacturer of Golf Carts and Low-Speed Electric Vehicles, Marshell recently announced a new range of golf carts and utility c
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Golf Cart and LSV Market to Remain Strong in the Future

Geoff brand 14/01/2017 0
If you are in the low-speed vehicle (LSV) or electric golf cart business, there is great news. Predictions made by market forecasters and industry
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How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries Effectively

Geoff brand 22/11/2016 0
The first vitally important aspect to understand about golf cart batteries is that, although they look like standard automobile batteries, they are
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